Friday, August 30, 2013

Mega Makeup & Beauty Haul; August '13

Products Mentioned;

John Frieda 'Colour Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner' for Red Hair
Lee Stafford 'Hair Growth Treatment' & 'Hair Repair Treatment'

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My first iClothing purchase; Supporting Irish business!

My love (addiction) for online shopping - or for that matter all types of shopping- may not be much of a secret anymore but I always shop within my budget and am lucky enough to be involved in a few blogger programmes with various companies who credit me with items for review and consideration. (All my own choice of course!)
Nearly all of the clothing web-stores I shop on though are either UK based, US based or Chinese/Korean. I haven't really come across any Irish webstores that caught my eye or interested me enough to take a look and go as far as purchasing from. Now don't get me wrong, I shop A LOT in Irish stores in person, just not online. 

Hydrate your skin & smooth wrinkles with the help of Olay!

One of the many downsides of the aging process, and easily one of the most hated by us ladies, is the dreaded wrinkling. It causes sweats, nightmares and countless people to go under the knife in a drastic measure to help to reverse the effects of time.....
I'm not quite there yet! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tom Ford 'Traceless Foundation Stick'; first impressions & demo.

After receiving a growing number of comments requesting that I occasionally show more 'high end' cosmetics in my videos & blog posts, I decided to begin by purchasing a foundation as 'high end' as they come....
Meet the Tom Ford 'Traceless Foundation Stick'.
 There is also a liquid version available but since I have about 20 bottles of various liquid foundations on the go at any one time, I went for the solid stick option. Plus I don't really have many solid foundations in stick form so may as well try something new.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Shiv's Style; SUPER-Retro ... Ootd ft. Chicnova & PersunMall.

When I put together an outfit for a post or look, I'll often do so with one or two of the items I'm wearing as a focus, and the rest of the outfit as 'background', with this outfit though I literally love the entire look, everything seems to work perfectly (imo) and though it's not necessarily my usual attire, I love it!
The shirt isn't my 'usual' style (I'm not sure I've ever owned anything made of chiffon before!) but the second I tried it on I turned to mush.... it looks classy on but still has a bit of an edge to it. ❤❤❤
I knew I'd love the bag, glasses and pendant before I even picked them up from the post, each has that perfect vintage/retro look that I adore.
My previous post features the shirt & pendant from;
Click here to read!

Vintage-look bag; Here from Chicnova. $29.00 (at time of writing)
Round print sunglasses w/ UV protection; Here from Chicnova. $19.00 (at time of writing)
'Superman' logo pendant; Here from Persunmall. $13.99 (at time of writing)
Retro design Gold/Black Chiffon Shirt; Here from Persunmall. $22.99 (at time of writing)
Skirt & tights; Penneys (2012)
Shoes; Newlook (2013)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Fashion items; 'Superman' Pendant & Retro Chiffon Shirt...

I have a long running relationship with all things retro/vintage looking and do love a bit of 'kitch' when styled right and on the good side of 'tacky'! ha :)
When I was looking through the Persunmall website to pick out my bits for this order I didn't have to think twice about the 'Superman' logo pendant the second I saw it, I do enjoy the films but I really love the 'S' logo jewelry available for some reason! Maybe since it can double up as a pendant of my initial!?
Either way, I'm loving it, even if it is a little flashy...... Definitely Mr. T. worthy :P

$13.99 (at time of writing)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lily Collins Inspired Makeup; 'Fuller Brow'd Beauties' Series.

My take on her look.
Part 2 of my 'Fuller Brow'd Beauties' Series, I've chosen the gorgeous Lily Collins as this weeks' inspiration as her new film 'The Mortal Instruments' is released this week.
And if I'm to be completely honest.... I'm a big fan of her Da' Phil Collins & his band 'Genesis'! 
I even went to see them a few years ago in concert in Amsterdam and it was one of the better gigs I've ever been to!!! Even if I did have some trouble seeing the stage through the sea of bald heads in front of me, ha ha.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Changes to

Howdy Guys!
Nothing super important to report but I though it was worth pointing out that the reasons for the change in appearance to is down to my getting itchy feet and a little tired of the old design I've kept on the blog for the past few years. So until I decide what to do with the blogs' layout etc, I've peeled it back to the basics, removing all customisations and keeping it clean and simple.  
I was partly inspired by and the changes that Tara made to her blog. (I'd highly recommend ye all checking her blog out! She's fab herself and regularly shares fantastic fashion and beauty posts)

Will check in again with ye really soon!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Romwe's Largest Annual Sale: Up to 70% OFF

Hello again!
I don't want to be spamming ye with these sale announcements/updates BUT this one is the companys'  largest sale of the year to mark the end of the summer before the new stock comes in for Autumn/Winter..... and as ye all know by now, I friggin' love their store!
They are clearing out the Summer stock with over 1000 items to choose from and as it's a clearance, once the stock is gone, it won't be re-stocked.

Check out the sale items by clicking the link below.....

Statement Necklaces; My newest crush.

Some of the lovelies available from TopShop.
Now I know that I have a new crush on a weekly basis but in my defense, there are so many pretty neck-things in the shops lately!!!!
One of the 'hazards' of working in the city is the temptation that you're faced with on your lunch hour while wandering about "window shopping".... There are so many beautiful and seductive statement jewelry pieces in stock at the moment in my favourite stores, Newlook, TopShop, River Island, Penneys etc. 
The bigger jewelry pieces literally transform an otherwise 'dull' outfit into a striking ensemble and the costume jewelry won't cost you a bundle either.

Maybelline ❤ Pt 1; Concealers, Lipsticks & a BB Cream.

While I was sorting through the mess that is my makeup room of late, I was arranging the most used bits that live daily on my makeup table and realised that the few Maybelline products I own are some of my favourite, of all my personal bits!
Only after I filmed the video (below) did I realise that I completely forgot about the Maybelline "Color Tattoos" which have a home of their own in one of my drawers, but are very much used & loved on a regular basis so I will be featuring them in an upcoming video soon.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

2 Minute Eyeliner tutorial!

Hey Guys:)
 I created this video in response to people who complained I talk too much in my other liner here there is no intro, no speeches! Ha ha. Just a quick 2minutes of how to apply eyeliner & get that flick equal on both eyes. xx

Thursday, August 15, 2013

48hr Romwe Flash Sale!

Hey Guys,
A quick heads up about another Romwe sale that will run for the next 2 days (48hrs) where everything on sale is available for only $14.99!!
(That's only €11.00!)
And don't forget that offer a free shipping option too :)

Loads of favourite items re-stocked!

Have fun Guys!!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why my eyes have "Freckles"!!!!

One of the most frequently asked questions on my Youtube channel in comments and messages is about my eyes and their colouring.
So I've taken to video to clear it up!

More information on Heterochromia.....

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini Penneys Haul :)

My favourite time of the year is coming around again!
I've always much preferred Autumn/Winter to the Summer months and especially for shopping now is a good time since the new season stuff is starting to trickle in and the summer stock is on sale :)
I went into Penneys to look at a pair of shoes, that a colleague had on in work, and left with a big bag of items, as you do.....

I picked up a different pair of shoe-boots to what I had originally gone in to look at, but they were and are much more comfortable than my colleagues pair when I tried them both on. And I'm super tall in them which I love <3

Cara Delevingne Inspired Makeup Tutorial; Fuller Brow'd Beauties (New Series!)

Inspired by all the gorgeous, full, 'lush' brows that are dominating the beauty-sphere at the minute, here is the first in a series of tutorials based off of gals with fuller eyebrows. I'm starting with the beautiful Cara Delevingne, British uber-model du jour who has gorgeous full dark brows that don't over-power her delicate face!

A few of the many faces of Cara. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My New Hair Colour!

Left; Before with natural brown.
Right; New colour 'Intense Red'.

I finally got off my butt and dyed my hair after threatening to do it for about a month now. I was pretty sure I wanted to go this shade of red more or less but hadn't come across a dye that I liked the look of enough to use.
The new Olia range by Garnier (Permanent Hair Colour) caught my attention as it is ammonia free and oil based which is unusual for permanent colours and I definitely wanted to go permanent as semi's just rinse out of my fine hair so flippin' quickly!
I've been red on & off tonnes of times since I started dying my hair as a teenager and am always happy to go back.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Olay Regenerist "CC" Complexion Corrector SPF15.

Here's a bit of a background incase any of ye aren't familiar with the newish 'CC' Creams.....

Most people will by now have heard about CC Creams, the follow-on from BB Creams, though truth be told....some are seemingly the exact same product!
BB Creams were originally 'Blemish Balms' when the were birthed in 1960s Germany to aid in the healing & protection of skin after surgery and later took off in the South Korean beauty market. Because of attributes such as offering healthy looking, pale/porcelain skin which is coveted in South Korea it became hugely popular there and was reformulated to suit the new markets' particular needs such as skin-whitening as well as sun protection etc. A' Blemish' in Asia doesn't necessarily mean a 'spot' or 'pimple' like it does here but rather any unwanted mark on the face such as sun damage or freckles, hence 'Blemish Balm'. When the BB craze eventually spilled over into the European and US markets, many companies changed the BB from meaning 'Blemish Balm' to the more generic 'Beauty Balm' since the skin-whitening aspect didn't widely appeal to consumers here, giving them much more freedom over the attributes of the 'Beauty Balms'
..... Many different ingredients can make us appear more beautiful after all! 
So the Western BB Creams are often not much more than tinted moisturisers with sometimes a higher Sun Protection claim, and 'beautifying' claims like 'blurring of fine lines' and offering a luminous finish etc.


This was released in June of this year so I've been using it for a couple of months now and I love it!
 It's one of the 'lucky' products that made the cut to accompany me on holiday and I have been using it a couple of nights a week (as an alternative to my ROC Retinol night cream) as an intense moisturiser/mask.
It is meant as an intensely hydrating facial mask that you slather on, generously coating your face, leave for 10 or so minutes while you relax and allow the cream to boost your moisture levels before gently wiping off  any remaining residue. August Sale.

Hey Everyone!
Romwe are holding a sale which runs until the 11th of August (This Sunday) where ye can pick up tShirts and other summery bits from $9.99.
Check it out here!

Romwe are extremely fairly priced as it is so these sales are definitely a bargain!
And btw, I'm not being sponsored to write this... just sharing a good deal :)
Enjoy shopping!

Chat soon.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heard of Parcel Motel?? It's their birthday!

Well, I should say that it WAS their birthday last month but I'm still running a tad behind after my lovely break away in July and working non-stop since getting back!
Anyhuuuuu, (Nightline) Parcel Motel are a delivery service that launched in the Republic of Ireland July 2012. Unlike the usual delivery companies we are accustomed to where you have to wait around for the delivery guy to call to your house and sign for the package, with Parcel Motel, YOU collect the package yourself but it's not a pain as you can choose whichever parcel motel is closest to you and you collect it at your own leisure. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shivs Style; July '13 LookBook.

After being away for nearly 2 weeks, my video and blog backlog was getting pretty steep so to help alleviate that a little, I put together this lookbook of outfits with clothes & accessories I accumulated over July.

Ft;,,,, NewLook, RiverIsland, Penneys/Primark, Ralph Lauren.