Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hydrate your skin & smooth wrinkles with the help of Olay!

One of the many downsides of the aging process, and easily one of the most hated by us ladies, is the dreaded wrinkling. It causes sweats, nightmares and countless people to go under the knife in a drastic measure to help to reverse the effects of time.....
I'm not quite there yet! 

Though I am lucky enough to have quite good skin, and am only 31 so not quite over the hill just yet.
I did start to notice changes in my skin from my late 20's though and gradually over the past 5 years or so, certain areas -mostly my under eye area - have started to loose elasticity and the tautness of young skin. So last year when I hit the big 3-0 I really started to focus on anti-aging in my skin-care regime. 
At the moment at night I use products containing retinol, a hard working & PROVEN powerful skin improving ingredient, but that also can cause sun-sensitivity.... and why I only use it at night.
During the day sunblock is my no.1 skincare & anti-aging ingredient, prevention is better than cure after all, but there are a few other ingredients that I rate as effective anti-aging fighters.
Peptides, anti-oxidants & niacinamide.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a powerful ingredient that can improve elasticity, strengthen the barrier function which is our skins' main defense, even out tonal issues like sun damage etc & improve the overall texture of the skin.

Many of the Olay anti-aging products feature niacinamide as a key ingredient and this is one of the reasons I rate them quite highly! 
 Olay's 'Anti-Wrinkle 2 in 1 Instant Hydration + instant wrinkle smoother' (can you say mouthful!!)
is one such product containing niacinamide designed to offer immediate as well as long term benefits with continuous use.
It is a daily moisturiser that promises "younger-looking smooth skin" and is aimed at over 30s. 
It immediately hydrates and offers a smooth look to the skin thanks to ingredients that optically blur the look of lines and wrinkles, and over time it improves the skin's moisture barrier and smoothes the skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
The moisturiser is perfect for people who don't favour a shiny look to the skin but require hydration as it contains Olay's "light-reflective skin-smoothing technology" giving a "soft-focus" effect.
It evens out the skin's texture thanks to it's slightly thicker formula which fills in any lines and wrinkles on the skin's surface like a primer. Thanks to this feature, a further primer is unnecessary underneath foundation as the moisturiser doubles up as one!

I have been using this guy for several months now and love it particularly as base for makeup since I can use it solo as both my moisturiser and primer. It gives a lovely cushiony feel to the skin and helps take down high shine on the skin thanks to the soft-focus particles and the silica in the formula.
I do need to use a separate sun protective product though during the day so in that case I apply my sunblock before the Olay moisturiser. 

The ingredients;
 Niacinamide is very high up on the list, which is a good sign to it's efficacy! 

The cream is available nationwide and the RRP is €15.75 in Ireland. 

Toodles for now!
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