Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maybelline ❤ Pt 1; Concealers, Lipsticks & a BB Cream.

While I was sorting through the mess that is my makeup room of late, I was arranging the most used bits that live daily on my makeup table and realised that the few Maybelline products I own are some of my favourite, of all my personal bits!
Only after I filmed the video (below) did I realise that I completely forgot about the Maybelline "Color Tattoos" which have a home of their own in one of my drawers, but are very much used & loved on a regular basis so I will be featuring them in an upcoming video soon.

Watch the video below for my thoughts on each of the products listed;

The products I mentioned in the video are;
(All Maybelline Products)
*Instant Anti-Age "The Eraser Eye" Concealer 
*"Fit Me" Concealer
*"SuperStay" 24hrs Concealer 

*"Dream Fresh" BB Cream

*"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Non-Stop Red"
*"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Ravishing Rouge"
*"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Always Plum" 

I am wearing the BB Cream & Concealers in the images below, set with my Vichy Mineral Powder Foundation .....
"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Non-Stop Red"
"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Ravishing Rouge" 

"SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick - "Always Plum" 
SuperStay" 14hrs Lipstick swatches -
"Non-Stop Red", 
"Ravishing Rouge"& "Always Plum" 

What are your favourite Maybelline products?? Your 'must-haves'??
Will film my 'Color Tattoo' video soon!

Chat soon,
Shiv. xx


  1. Hi! I really like fit me concealer and have to try erase,in make up geek marlena compares the fit me with nars new one have you try it?thanks

    1. Hey :) I haven't tried the Nars one, I can't get Nars stuff here unfortunately. x

  2. Hi Siobhan! I really need to find a good concealer for my undereye area. I have green-blueish colour under the eyes and my skin is oily/combination, I wanted to try these maybelline ones for a long time, would you recommend the "eraser" or the fit me one for me?
    I know I should try them on my self, but I'd love to have your opinion before buying anything, I always mess up with concealing ahah :P

    Thanks and, btw,your videos and blog posts are beyond helpful! Thanks a lot!
    x Silvia

    1. Hi Silvia,
      To conceal blue-y colouring you need a peach coloured corrector ideally! Bobbi Brown do lovely ones. Don't use anything too yellow over then as it can make the colour appear more green! I would advise the Eraser over the Fit me for coverage but it may not be warm enough in colour. It has good coverage though so no harm trying it out! x

    2. Thank you for your answer and for the tips!
      I'll give it a try then :)



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