Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini Penneys Haul :)

My favourite time of the year is coming around again!
I've always much preferred Autumn/Winter to the Summer months and especially for shopping now is a good time since the new season stuff is starting to trickle in and the summer stock is on sale :)
I went into Penneys to look at a pair of shoes, that a colleague had on in work, and left with a big bag of items, as you do.....

I picked up a different pair of shoe-boots to what I had originally gone in to look at, but they were and are much more comfortable than my colleagues pair when I tried them both on. And I'm super tall in them which I love <3

I went for my usual size 4 and they fit like a glove! They are super comfortable despite the height and there is no stiffness at the ankle when I walk. Wore them to work the day after buying them and lasted 6 hours in them, my feet were beginning to get a little tired at that stage but not bad for the first days' wear!
€22.00 available now in store!

I also picked up this really cute cropped jumper as it was only €7.00 and I'm still going through my monochrome-love phase. I went up a size & picked the size 10 because I prefer these cuts to have a looser fit and the sizes 6 & 8 looked tiny. Glad I did too, wearing it as i type!

Finally I just HAD to pick up this sweet plum vintage look PU-leather bag for only €9.00, it does match my new hair colour after all :P
Seriously crushing on this colour at the moment. Have another bag on route from ChicNova.com that I chose in almost the same colour. 

Definitely going to have another look at the new season stuff next time I'm in...
Will try to restrain myself from causing too much of a dent in my poor bank balance!

Take Care,


  1. I'm just home from Penneys myself this evening but going to look for the shoes tomorrow they're fab!


    1. Hey Dee :) Penneys is such a trap for me at the minute.... It keeps nicking my money! Loads of great stuff in now though!!!


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