Saturday, August 10, 2013

My New Hair Colour!

Left; Before with natural brown.
Right; New colour 'Intense Red'.

I finally got off my butt and dyed my hair after threatening to do it for about a month now. I was pretty sure I wanted to go this shade of red more or less but hadn't come across a dye that I liked the look of enough to use.
The new Olia range by Garnier (Permanent Hair Colour) caught my attention as it is ammonia free and oil based which is unusual for permanent colours and I definitely wanted to go permanent as semi's just rinse out of my fine hair so flippin' quickly!
I've been red on & off tonnes of times since I started dying my hair as a teenager and am always happy to go back.

I picked up the dye in Tesco as it was on special offer for less than €9.00.
Garnier 'Olia' Permanent Hair Color 6.60 Intense Red.

Available from Amazon here....

I wasn't hugely overjoyed with the results the night I dyed it, mainly because it was night time and I didn't have the light to show up the red shine and my hair looked soooo much darker than the box results.....

My befores and afters from the night of, the after results are quite dark.....

The next day though when I got into the light of day it really showed up the colour and I was way happier with the final result.

Over all it's a really easy system to use and it left my hair in the same healthy feeling condition as it was pre-dye.

Knowing just how quickly red can fade and go dull I plan on using the new Semi-Permanent (6 to 8 washes) Live Color XXL by Schwarzkopf in 'Pillar Box Red' that I also picked up from Tesco on sale last month for inbetween touching up my roots and colour.

Also available from Amazon here.....
LIVE Color XXL 92 Pillar Box Red Ultra Brights
(The amazon link are affiliate links!)

So all turned out well in the end and I love my new hair colour!
If you guys have any product recommendations for me for maintenance etc, bring it on!!!

Chat soon,


  1. In the light the colour looks very nice. You can wear it so good!

  2. Love it, it really suits you! (Love the lippie, too!)

  3. I love the color on you suits you well. I tried the olia and having fine hair found it make it staticy

    1. That sucks, I haven't had any issues like that with it thankfully. x


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