Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Fashion items; 'Superman' Pendant & Retro Chiffon Shirt...

I have a long running relationship with all things retro/vintage looking and do love a bit of 'kitch' when styled right and on the good side of 'tacky'! ha :)
When I was looking through the Persunmall website to pick out my bits for this order I didn't have to think twice about the 'Superman' logo pendant the second I saw it, I do enjoy the films but I really love the 'S' logo jewelry available for some reason! Maybe since it can double up as a pendant of my initial!?
Either way, I'm loving it, even if it is a little flashy...... Definitely Mr. T. worthy :P

$13.99 (at time of writing)

I also got the gorgeous chiffon collared shirt (below) that has leopard heads scattered throughout the striking gold & black design, though they are upside-down for some reason! I wasn't sure if this was an error or not but I checked the website and it's meant to be like that, which I think is pretty class. It definitely demands a second and third glance. Surprisingly the cat heads look classy on the shirt and not tacky as you could imagine if you heard the description before seeing it for yourself. I'm a little bit in love with the shirt now after wearing it only a couple of times yet. The material feels lovely against the skin and the fit is pretty bang on... the size Small matches a UK/Irl 6-8.
Extra Small should roughly be a 4-6, Medium should fit 8-10.

$22.99 (at time of writing)

Retro Golden Black Chiffon Shirt & Retro Style Superman Logo Rhinestone Necklace both c/0

Details of the chiffon shirt! 
I just filmed an 'Outfit of the Day' video today showing the shirt & pendant which I will post tomorrow! 

'Til then, 
Be good & take care.



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