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Olay Regenerist "CC" Complexion Corrector SPF15.

Here's a bit of a background incase any of ye aren't familiar with the newish 'CC' Creams.....

Most people will by now have heard about CC Creams, the follow-on from BB Creams, though truth be told....some are seemingly the exact same product!
BB Creams were originally 'Blemish Balms' when the were birthed in 1960s Germany to aid in the healing & protection of skin after surgery and later took off in the South Korean beauty market. Because of attributes such as offering healthy looking, pale/porcelain skin which is coveted in South Korea it became hugely popular there and was reformulated to suit the new markets' particular needs such as skin-whitening as well as sun protection etc. A' Blemish' in Asia doesn't necessarily mean a 'spot' or 'pimple' like it does here but rather any unwanted mark on the face such as sun damage or freckles, hence 'Blemish Balm'. When the BB craze eventually spilled over into the European and US markets, many companies changed the BB from meaning 'Blemish Balm' to the more generic 'Beauty Balm' since the skin-whitening aspect didn't widely appeal to consumers here, giving them much more freedom over the attributes of the 'Beauty Balms'
..... Many different ingredients can make us appear more beautiful after all! 
So the Western BB Creams are often not much more than tinted moisturisers with sometimes a higher Sun Protection claim, and 'beautifying' claims like 'blurring of fine lines' and offering a luminous finish etc.
Welcome the new generation CC Creams, which are a continuation of the BB Cream idea. The BB Cream was firstly a skincare product which also 'covered' up imperfections on the skin with pigments like a light foundation that often left a greyish cast on the skin thanks to the high SPF in the ingredients which would come from Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, both of which are pure white pigments.
CC Creams or 'Colour Correctors' / 'Colour Control' Creams were formulated to retain the skincare benefits of BB Creams but allow for better coverage of the skin as well as evening out the skin-tone.... and so 'correcting' uneven skin tone and allowing the skin to have a more natural healthy hue. And with their introduction into Western markets, the 'CC' became 'Complete Corrector' , 'Complexion Corrector' or 'Correction Cream' to again give the companies more freedom over how to formulate their products. 

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And with that, let me introduce Olays CC Cream which belongs to their anti-aging 'Regenerist' range called 'CC' Complexion Correction SPF15 UVA/UVB.

My first official foray into the world of CC Creams!
It's a true skincare/makeup hybrid product with a moisturiser and a sheer foundation swirled together (rather beautifully) in a serum base.
It's main and quite ambitious claim is that you will see a reduction in wrinkles in just 2 weeks with continuous use.

The Benefits;
*It'll even out your complexion (Complexion Correction)
*It reduces the appearance of wrinkles
*It will minimise dark spots and uneven skin-tone.

Its Attributes;
*Light texture that is easily absorbed into the skin
*Fragrance free & suitable for sensitive skin types.

The Technology;
*Sun protection with SFP15 UVA/UVB within the moisturiser (the white cream swirled along the centre with the foundation).
*Anti-aging serum (the clear gel).
*The sheer foundation to even out the skin tone (swirled along the centre with the moisturiser).

The Results;
*Instant hydration and perfected complexion with a natural finish.
*After 2 weeks of continuous use you should see a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.
*After 8 weeks of continuous use you should see a reduction in the appearance of dark spots.

How the 3 'ingredients' are swirled together looks really cool in the clear bottle which is topped with a handy pump action dispenser. When you pump the cream out it comes mixed together and just looks like a sheer, luminous foundation.

It was formulated to deal with the need for natural looking yet flawless skin in the age of HD photography. Particularly for slightly older skin!
It belongs to the Olay 'Regenerist' range which is targeted at people 30yrs old and above. Though there's absolutely no reason why younger people in their 20s etc cannot use it if they so wish.

It gives a very natural but healthy look to the skin and though the coverage is very light it does make it look, well, 'better'! You can use it alone same as you would a tinted moisturiser or you can use it as a makeup base. It's delicate enough to use around the eye area also.

It's available now in 3 tones, Light, Medium & Dark and retails for €29.99 nationwide in the Republic of Ireland. Available in Boots and most other Olay stockists.

Available online from Amazon here.....
Olay CC Cream - Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Fair To Light 1.7 Fl Oz

I was wearing it throughout June and the beginning of July but since I have the lightest one I was unable to wear it with my little bit of sun-tan since last month but I enjoyed wearing it when I did and will no doubt slather it on as soon as it matches my soon-to-be-once-again-pasty-skin.

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