Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Statement Necklaces; My newest crush.

Some of the lovelies available from TopShop.
Now I know that I have a new crush on a weekly basis but in my defense, there are so many pretty neck-things in the shops lately!!!!
One of the 'hazards' of working in the city is the temptation that you're faced with on your lunch hour while wandering about "window shopping".... There are so many beautiful and seductive statement jewelry pieces in stock at the moment in my favourite stores, Newlook, TopShop, River Island, Penneys etc. 
The bigger jewelry pieces literally transform an otherwise 'dull' outfit into a striking ensemble and the costume jewelry won't cost you a bundle either.

I picked this gorgeous tiered piece from Newlook a few weeks ago for about €15.00 ish. A bit "The Craft", a bit high fashion and a lot my taste! I love the slightly 90's inspired gothic aesthetic and this fits in there nicely.

I was really close to picking up this beaute from Topshop for €25.00 but just about found the self-control to walk away and try hold on to my precious pennies for a while longer at least.....
About 10 minutes later in River Island though I lost said self-control and picked up this gorgeous flashy bejeweled neckpiece which cost €25.00 and is new stock. 
Considering all the black I usually don, this will definitely work to jazz up any of my outfits!


 And for people who find these pieces a little too big and maybe obnoxious, there are plenty of smaller pieces available now that aren't as 'loud' but still make a statement like these 2 chains I got over the past week.....

On the left is my new Superman logo necklace from Persunmall.com, though I'm taking the "S" as my own initial, cuz I can! :P
 $13.99 at time of writing.

And on the right a happy/sad gold face pendant from Penneys which cost about €4.00.
Yay for Penneys!!
(For some reason it keeps landing on the sad face side when I wear it, no reflection of my mood though!!!)

And now I will try my best to not spend the rest of my monthly allowance on any more jewelry if I can manage it 0_o

That's it for now! Chat soon,



  1. wow, the necklace you chose is beautiful, I have seen a black necklace in Lindex today, I haven´t bought it, but I´ve been thinking about the necklace since I came home. I think that I will have to go back to the shop tomorrow and buy the necklace, because it was just perfect ♥

    1. Go for it!! I always and up caving and buying it! x

  2. That necklace you got is perfection! I always love a good statement necklace!

    1. Thanks Lady!! The colour were too much to resist :) xx


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