Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tom Ford 'Traceless Foundation Stick'; first impressions & demo.

After receiving a growing number of comments requesting that I occasionally show more 'high end' cosmetics in my videos & blog posts, I decided to begin by purchasing a foundation as 'high end' as they come....
Meet the Tom Ford 'Traceless Foundation Stick'.
 There is also a liquid version available but since I have about 20 bottles of various liquid foundations on the go at any one time, I went for the solid stick option. Plus I don't really have many solid foundations in stick form so may as well try something new.

It has a richly hydrating cream formula that promises to create a "flawless and smooth finish". It is designed to be used as both a foundation and concealer and offers a sheer to medium 'buildable' coverage.
The foundation is available in 12 shades ranging from 01 "Alabaster" - as fair as they come, to 12 "Chestnut" - a rich warm brown shade.
I chose shade 02 "Pale Dune" with the help of comparative swatches available online and saw that it was similar to a MAC NC15/20. It is a good match for my light yellow toned skin but may be a tad too yellow for the very pale NC15 or NW10/13 crowd, "Alabaster" may be a closer match for them.
Swatch of 02 'Pale Dune' Stick Foundation.

I apply it, as in the video, by 'drawing' directly onto my skin and leaving a few swatches along my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. I have been favouring small synthetic 'buffing' brushes like the Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush and buffing & blending it very well into the skin until it becomes invisible on the skin. It gives a lovely satin finish with luminosity, and so may not be suitable to overly-oily skin types. 
As far as the "traceless" claim goes, though it is not very obvious on the skin like many cream formulas can be, it is not entirely invisible as is MAC's 'Face & Body' foundation for example. It does give a lovely natural finish (see first pictures below) that lasts well enough on the skin throughout the day/evening but I have found that I require a primer on my slightly oil-prone t-zone area for several hours wear or under warm conditions.
In the "After" pictures below, you can see that I am quite shiny and the foundation has faded from my chin & nose a bit. I still consider this a good wearing foundation as that was after a full day with no touch-ups... and maybe a smooch or two with my bf :)

Freshly applied makeup; Traceless foundation stick 02 'Pale Dune'.....

My 'Lily Collins' inspired makeup, wearing Tom Ford 'Traceless foundation stick' in 02 Pale Dune with MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light applied lightly on top to set.
The foundation offers a satin finish with luminosity, may not be suitable to overly-oily skin types, with a sheer to medium 'buildable' coverage.

Several hours later that night WITHOUT any touch-ups!.....

The foundation is available from Brown Thomas Dublin only in Ireland and is quite exclusive in this country. I am definitely intrigued by the brand now and expect I will probably try one of their highly hyped lipsticks next to see for myself what the bother is over!

Expect to fork out a small fortune for the products though, the 'Traceless Foundation Stick' costs a whopping €70.00 in Ireland for the 15gm. of product. The packaging is sleek and expensive looking as you would expect but on the minimalist side, and not very 'girly'.
I do recommend this foundation but also recommend saving a little in advance of payment!

Though it might take a while, I am looking forward to trying out more from the luxury cosmetic line.

Have any of you tried the range at all, and what do ye think??
Would love your recommendations!

Chat soon,

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