Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New 'CICIPLAST Lips' by La Roche-Posay... ❤ ❤ ❤

(Sample sent by PR)
I've spoken (written) recently & a few times about my love for the 'Ciciplast Baume B5' by La Roche-Posay, the do-all wonder stuff that I use almost on a daily basis on just about anything that irritates me. 
I also use it on my ever-dry chapped lips quite regularly, it works brilliantly to soften the skin and relieve the tightness that can crack the lips without any nasty taste or smell. Well now La Roche-Posay, being the mind readers that they clearly are, have gone and actually brought out the CICAPLAST baume B5 in a lip balm formula. 'CICAPLAST Lips'.

Like it's predecessor, it has a rich balm texture that "soothes, protects and rebuilds" your skin, but this time on the lips. It works wonders on chapped, cracked, dry, sore and/or irritated lips.
It's a transparant balm rather than white like the Baume B5, and though it has a much thicker consistency, it melts into the skin upon contact.

A blob of the CICAPLAST lips on my hand!

It does what a barrier balm should do which is to protect the skin on the lips from any aggressors, sooth any irritation and repair any damage. It offers immediate relief when you apply it but will continue to improve the state of your lips over time.

The Key Ingredients are;

SHEA BUTTER 10%; This emollient "lipid film" protects the lips while they recover beneath.

PANTHENOL 5%; Also in the original Baume B5 formula, this has anti-inflammatory & soothing properties. It aids in the recovery of the skin's elasticity and suppleness.

Can be used anywhere around the lip/mouth area as well as around the nostrils if they are dry from a cold or the weather etc. It has a mildly pleasant minty taste but it's only really noticeable at first and kind of dissipates after a short time to no taste or smell at all!
I've been smathering it on like my life depends on it since receiving it from the PR crowd and am as impressed as one can be by a lip balm!

Available now in all usual La Roche-Posay stockists and has a RRP of €6.50 in Ireland for the 7.5ml tube.

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  1. It's the best, I had cold sore, very painful and it heal within 2days


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