Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Romwe Cardigan & Jumper 72hr Sale... Bulk up your Autumn wardrobe!

Ye may know, since I've been mentioning it so much, that I'm thoroughly enjoying adding to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe lately and have made several orders on Romwe.com  to bulk up on warmer items that you won't see everyone else & their Aunt wearing about town! I love having unique items of clothing that no-one else I meet has, and that's one of the reasons I love using sites like Romwe for my shopping sprees :)
They are holding a 72hour sale on cardigans and jumpers on the site running from today the 17th Sept through to the end of Thursday 19th Sept.
And let me point out for the record I actually already own the cardigan in the middle in the picture below as well as the awesome cats jumper to it's right! Though unfortunately I didn't get them at sale prices >_<

 There is anything from 5% up to 50% off some of the items in the sale so well worth a look-see!

And incase ye missed my last fashion post which was a haul showing some of my new Autumn pieces including bits from Romwe, ye can catch it here....

So 'til next post,
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Catch ye later!


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