Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rooney Mara Inspired Makeup; 'Fuller Brow'd Beauties' Series.

Ahoy hoy!
Welcome to part 3 of my 'Fuller brow'd beauties' series with this weeks inspiration being the beautiful and edgy Rooney Mara (post "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo").
I chose the look she wore to this years Punk inspired Met Gala Ball  as my influence for the tutorial but decided to keep my newly cut in fringe (bangs) in the look as it is a signature of her's as well!  

My inspiration.
.....And here is my take on the look, it's one that I would wear in a heartbeat and is striking in that it's relatively minimalist but each feature has been very carefully considered! 

..........WATCH VIDEO FOR FULL TUTORIAL!..........

I LOVE the shape of brow her makeup artist opted for here; full, perfect and extended down in an elegant tapering. Rooney has perfect bone-structure and needs little to no contouring to enhance her cheekbones but I did need some help in this area. Read on below for a full list of the products I used to re-create the look!


Vichy; 'Idealia Life Serum'
Estee lauder; 'Perfectionist Serum' (as a primer)
MAC; 'Matchmaster' foundation #1.0
MAC; 'Prolongwear' Concealer NW20
MAC; 'Full Coverage' foundation NC15 (pro product, used as concealer)
MAC; Prep & Prime 'Radiant Rose' Highlighter
MAC;  Prep & Prime 'Translucent Finishing Powder'
llamasqua; 'Primal' Powder blush 

Inglot Shadows;
# 355 (all over colour)
# 351 (first brow-highlight colour)
MAC Shadows;
'White Frost' (Highlight colour)
'Kid' (crease contour colour)

Catrice; Eyebrow Kit (brow powder)
Catrice; Eyebrow set (brow gel)

No.7; 'Exceptional Definition' Mascara
MAC; 'In Extra Dimension' Mascara

MAC; Prep & Prime Lip
Ben Nye; 'Magi Color Creme' Pencil 'Warm Brown' (as lip pencil)
MAC; 'Auburn' lip pencil
MAC; '
(use 'VINO' or 'NIGHTMOTH' by MAC if ye have them!)
Inglot Lipsticks;
# 42 (Blackened wine colour)
# 88 (Purple colour)

And that's it for the post!
Take it easy Guys :)



  1. Super pretty, Shiv! I'm gonna recreate it soon :)

  2. you look stunning with that make up

  3. This lip color is so beautiful!! It suits you very well =)

  4. You really nailed the look, and on top of that, it looks fantastic on you! I love the lipstick colour and love to wear my MAC Nightmoth pencil alone or as the dark shade in a red gradient/ombre lip. I liked the attention to detail for the skin and how perfect it looks and you really got those eyebrows spot on.
    I am looking for a contour colour that is good for pale skin and have heard that Illamasqua Heroine powder shadow is good and Omega from MAC, I should probably add Kid to the list of possibilities. I don't contour much because my features are prominent enough and I can look gaunt easily. Usually adding blush does enough to reduce the flatness foundation can give, but I would like to practice to become good at it and also nose contouring would be a handy tool. I've used Benefit Hoola before for nose contour and it always comes off as brown on my face not a shadow and change in dimension. Maybe I just need the right product. Thanks for your time, Shiv.

    1. No problem :) Thanks for the feedback! I'm not a fan of Hoola either, very brown on me, much prefer the more taupe/grey shades! x



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