Monday, September 30, 2013

Shiv's Style; Backyard Gypsy.. ft; Romwe, TopShop, River Island & Bershka.

Can ye tell by all my fashion posts lately that I'm a wee bit excited about dressing for this time of the year!?.....
I LOVE Autumn, no avoiding it and as a result have gone bonkers over the past month or so filling out my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. (With the result that I am imposing a much needed spending ban through-out the month of October on myself, wahhhh!!!!)

So while that ban will help prevent me from spending any more money (unnecessarily) over the next 30 days, it won't stop my blogger C/o items coming or mean that I can't share with ye what I did accumulate over said past month.
One such item is from my latest package & is in the form of the awesome tasseled cardigan in the pictures which is perfect for the slightly cooler temperature.
Unfortunately it's no longer available on the Romwe website but this cardigan has a similar look to it also available from Romwe...... And similar here from ebay. and here also;

I've been on the hunt for about 3 months for a wide brimmed fedora style hat and finally settled on this awesome hat from Topshop that was available instore here in Galway last week but not on the website anymore. I love these hats though they aren't the most common site walking down Shop Street (Galway's main shopping street incase that was unclear :P ) and am delighted to finally have a decent one. It was €35.00 ish so didn't break the bank, but I did get in just on time before my spending ban kicks in!
Similar available here....
I bought the dress from Bershka (Autumn of last year) while I was up in Dublin for a day with work, it's casual enough for everyday wear but still has a pretty girly feel to it thanks to the tiered skirt.
Boots are about 4 years old from River Island and still one of my favourite pairs ever!!!
Similar Here.....
Earrings are from TopShop & all the rest of the jewelry is from Penneys (Primark).

This is look #1 of about 3 or 4 that will feature in my next lookbook video.

Take it Easy!



  1. I just love this. Your style is wonderful. Everything about you is an inspiration!

    1. Aww thank you Lady :) That's really sweet. <3 xx


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