Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zombie Clown Makeup Tutorial

It's finally that time when I start rolling out my makeup tutorials of all things freaky, scary and gross in time for Halloween!
My first of 2013 is a Zombie Clown which I haven't seen much on the 'tube so far and I tried to stay as close to a Zombie makeup as I could while putting my own twist on it....

(All products available online)
Try, etc for SFX stuff.
Please, please, please don't stress over the exact item I used!!! Use whatever is accessible to you or use your friend google to see what's available near you!

Barrier Cream (Cicaplast Baume B5)
Glue Stick (Water Soluble)
Wheatabix (oatmeal etc will work)
Gelatine mixture *
…..Store bought gelatin (granules), water, glycerin. 1:1:1 ratio.
Nose & Scar wax (Ben Nye)
Blood Paste (Graftobian)
Blood Gel (Graftobian)
Stipple Sponge
Nicotine Tooth Colour
Black Tooth Colour

Black Kohl Pencil
Black Gel Eyeliner
Grey Cream Makeup (RCMA)
Green Cream Makeup (RCMA)
'Death Wheel' Cream Makeup (Ben Nye)
Clown White Makeup (Graftobian)
….You can use Baby Oil to thin this out to spread more easily!
Red Cream Makeup (Use lipstick if you don't have this)
Blue Cream Makeup (Max Factore Eyeshadow stick)
MATTE Blue pigment (Gosh)

I bought the Wig in our local and main Costume Shop in Galway city for €7.00 but any decent costume shop will carry them....
And the Girl Clown Costume "Giggles the Clown" was supplies by

Get the costume here....
$52.38 at time of writing!

And that's it for my first '13 Halloween look.....

See ye all soon with my next scary offering!


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