Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bourjois' Java Rice Powder..... Celebrating 150yrs!

In 1863 French Actor Joseph- Albert Ponsin sets up a cosmetics company selling makeup & perfume to stage actors and actresses. 5 years later a company partner, Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois takes over the reigns and so is born the 'Bourjois' name. In 1879 Bourjois launch their Java Rice Powder or more accurately their "Poudre de Riz de Java", "a product to lighten the skin and leave it velvety",  it becomes "Bourjois' first international bestseller" and brings worldwide success. (source)

Now it's 150 years later, and Bourjois are celebrating this land-mark anniversary by relaunching their kick-off cult product!
The Java Rice Powder is a delicate, subtle pink reflective face powder that helps creates a radiant complexion. The 2013 version has been reformulated to improve on the original product with the new technology available.
The Java Rice Powder without flash.
The Java Rice Powder with flash..... hugely reflective! 
The powder is very pretty to look at even just in the little pot, and even prettier on the skin, very girly and delicate BUT it is a highly reflective powder that may not suit the oiliest of skins or a photo opportunity! 
(The first ingredient is Mica and the 4th Titanium Dioxide, sheen city!!)

The stunning decorative vintage inspired 3.5gm pot has been designed to reflect the original late 19th century product and will look very lovely on any makeup table or vanity. It comes with a handy sifter and rotating half cover that will help keep the powder from flying all over the place!
The powder itself is extremely finely milled and light, and has been designed to suit all complexions. It is lightly scented in Bourjois' signature delicate rose fragrance which I personally find very pleasant and would be surprised if it were to offend anyone except for the most sensitive or cranky of noses!!
Even though it is meant to be used as a setting powder I would be weary of using it all over my face due to the highly reflective properties and am using it instead as a highlighter placed or dusted over the higher planes of my face. It would be nice though to perk up drier, duller skins that can otherwise appear quite flat. 

The Java Rice Powder is available now Nationwide with an Irish RRP of €14.29 (though I believe it is about €13.99 in Boots) and a UK RRP of £9.99.

Let me know if any of you guys have tried this and what ye think!

Take it easy :)



  1. wow did not know all that about Bourjois :) that pot looks so cool. wud love to try it but it might not be suitable for my combination skin...

    1. I think it will be fine as long as you use it as a highlighter! It does give a lovely finish to the skin but avoid any oily areas! I will use it in a video soon. xx

  2. It looks super kitsch and twee and cute, i quite like the looks of it, but i find most Boujois face products break me out :(

  3. I'm not a huge fan of Bourjois because their foundations are too yellow based and too dark for my ghostly skin. But however I do like their blushes! So I might buy this! Mostly because I like the packaging lol. X

    1. That's exactly why I love their foundations! I think they are one of the better pharmacy brands by far!! x


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