Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evil Demon; Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

A hoy hoy :)
My next tutorial is up and it's a freaky one!
This Demon look is inspired by a design created by graphic artist / illustrator Michael Broussard who has worked for the likes of comic monsters Marvel®.
I came across a picture of a face painting that Michael had done on his wife a couple of years ago and thought it was so cool and freaky and unique that I was dying to try it out!!!
So I contacted the artist through his facebook page  to ask his permission to recreate the look for one of my videos and he very kindly said to go for it :)

His original design....

See more of his art at.....

My take on it.....

I added some red lipstick to my lids at the end but didn't quite get them centered, ha ha!
Still looks freaky enough.

Products used;

Bourjois; Black Kohl Pencil
MAC 'Pure White' Chromacake (Water activated face paint)
MAC 'Black Black' Acrylic Paint
(Both from the pro store)
MAC EyeShadows;
Typographic (Matte off-black)
Scene (Lighter Grey)
Print (Medium to dark Grey)
Copperplate (Taupe)
Ben Nye; Neutral Set Setting Powder
MAC; 'Russian Red' Lipstick on the lids at the end!

I hope to get another couple looks done before Halloween so if ye have any suggestions, feel free to fire them my way!!!

'Til next post,

Take it easy!!



  1. This is one of the best looks I've seen this year. You are amazing!

  2. Wow !! Sorry, but i can't say more :) Wow, wow, wow !!!!

  3. That's it! I'm gonna do this look for sure! :)
    I've just got the chromacake and the acrylic paint, BUT how do I remove them afterword?
    The chromacake is talc-glycerin-water based, so I guess a cleansing oil will do. What about the acrylic paint? Any special removing techniques?
    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Sorry I never got to answer your question in time!! It was a busy period for me. Hope it worked out well for you!! x

  4. Has M.A.C. changed? i cant find those two sets of eye shadows you where using. there all individual ones now on the site.

    1. The palettes? All the colours I used are still available!

  5. Hiya :) i dont wear contacts, but i was wondering would it look cool if i used those halloween ones, and if i should, what colour should i use? Thanks ;)

    1. Hi :) I don;t wear contacts either so not sure of the different brands etc. sorry! x

  6. This looks awesome, going to try it this year

  7. How much did you spend on the supplies?

  8. Hey there, a bit late to the party but I've decided to try this look paired with some old zombie stuff and scare some drunk kids this year. Problem is, I can't secrete money from my forearms and what little I have is spent on other necessities for that day. So I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to substitute the white facepaint with one of those cheap Halloween oil-based face paint sticks. I was also wondering if I could seal the make-up with a shot of hairspray (I tend to accidentally touch my face despite makeup), or how well this type of paint holds up to getting wet. Part of the costume involves a lot of drippy blood that's probably going to cover my entire chin and neck. I'd rather the paint run off than flake away, but I'm not sure if there's much I can do.

    If you can reply, I understand. I'm going to be posting pics on Halloween anyway so I guess we'll see how badly I did Cx

  9. Hi! I just wanted to say that I tried this method yesterday and the responses from people who saw me was amazing. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making my Halloween extremely "horrifying" ;)


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