Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Melted Mutant; Halloween tutorial. (WARNING: SCARY!!!)

Are ye ready for a good scare????
 I was itching to do something really dark and sinister for my next Halloween tutorial and came up with this gorgeous young thing :P
I made it using my usual gelatine mix (listed below).
It is a surprisingly simple makeup to recreate and on a very low budget!

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Music is Royalty Free & Provided by Kevin McLeod via
Songs; "Penumbra" & "Nervous Piano"
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0""

Inglot Palettes;


For the Gelatine Pieces…

Gelatine Powder (Unflavoured)

Mix roughly equal parts of the gelatin, glycerine and water. 
Heat in the microwave to melt & mix but DON'T ALLOW TO BOIL!!!
Use a microwavable bowl!
Once the mixture is mixed well (no granules left) apply some foundation in your skin colour to the mix!

Perspex sheet
Cheap/ disposable kid's paint brush

Face Powder (This is the mattify the gelatine pieces)

Spirit gum & Spirit gum remover
Stray (For mixing the gelatin and tapping the spirit gum)

Conditioner (This is added to dry hair to give it a lank appearance)


Black Kohl Pencil
MAC 'Blackground' Paint pot
Concealer (Dark color)
Red Lipliner
Matte black eyeshadow
Matte purple eyeshadow
Matte grey eyeshadow
Matte black eyeshadow

Graftobian Blood Paste.


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