Friday, October 25, 2013

Removing Gelatine Facial Prosthetics & Spirit Gum.

I always get asked about how I wash my face & remove prosthetics made from gelatine and latex etc after I make a Halloween video, so after my last tutorial, I filmed the removal/cleansing process and talk through it so ye can have a look!
I feel like I need to add here that I am not a professional special effects makeup artist by any means, I have learned by watching and doing, and largely by trial and error, so I cannot say that this is 100% the best or correct way to do it but this is how I know how to do it and what works for me :)
Also, I will say that my face was (and almost always is) a little sensitive for a day or two after I did/do this type of makeup! 
Hope it helps!!!

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