Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shiv's Style; Autumn Outfits Lookbook #2 (October '13.)

Hey Guys!
I shot another Autumn ready lookbook over the past couple of weeks since it's my absolutely favourite time of the year to buy clothes and layer up outfits! I have put myself on a spending ban (Clothes, makeup etc) for the month of October apart from a €20 a week allowance which I am so far sticking to! I have had these bits since before then, some were sent C/o through their blogger programme, but I also spent a pretty penny or two on the site as well which is one of the things that prompted me to enforce the ban!!!

This first outfit is a staple type of outfit for me apart from the hat which I wouldn't always be seen wearing but I have been getting into hats in a big way lately after admiring them on so many superbly styled bloggers over the past year or so, and now my collection is steadily growing :)
I bought the hat in TopShop last month and it actually fits my peanut noggin!!... but it's not available on the website anymore. I found similar here for just £20.
I already showed the Romwe cardigan in a previous blog post here...
I love it and have been wearing it to death! As mentioned in that post, it's no longer on Romwe but this one is in a similar style....
You can find it here also but for a little more than what it cost on Romwe....

My second outfit of the video is based around this, I want to say "Darling", white dotted puff skirt that is so cute and yet works perfectly with my black on black for the rest of the outfit, it stops it from becoming too "Darling"! 
Available here.... $28.99 (at time of writing)
The jacket is my oldest item of clothing still in my possession, I've owned it since I was 18 or 19! That's more than 10 years people!!!! It's still alive and well though a bit tighter than I recall, ha ha. I think that's me scratching my head in the last picture upon realising I'm about a stone heavier now than when I used to wear the jacket back in the day :P
I couldn't tell ya where I bought it now if my life depended on it but I still love the cut and shape. It used to be covered in band badges and patches but they have since been retired, only 3 patches survived the cull.
The pink striped arm-warmers are actually sewn into the sleeves and it's one of the reasons I love the jacket, plus I love covering my hands!

Outfit #3 debuts another hat (which was €8.00 of week 1's €20 allowance!!) from Penneys (Primark) and is of course in my current colour crush, burgundy :)
Also debuting is my new favourite jacket, this super cool Shearling lined black jacket from that at time of writing is down to only $49.99 from $59.00 when I ordered it. 
It's the cosiest jacket and I love the zipper detailing as well as the 'worn' look to the fabric. It's a bit biker, a bit hippy and I am in love!
I styled the look with a pair of skinny jeans and knee-highs from Dunnes Stores from a couple of years ago. I like the overall grown-up boho chic feel of the look!

The final look was the toughest for me to style as the jacket's pattern is something I wouldn't normally wear, the colourful ethnic inspired panels are quite the statement and I was scared about my outfit looking too busy. I liked how it looks though with the black dress and brown boots, just muted enough to allow the jacket the limelight! 
I love the uniqueness of the jacket though which is why I chose it in the first place and am determined to force myself to step-out of my comfort zone a little more through these outfit posts :)

This picture was my first attempt at styling the jacket, I felt afterwards that the tights were competing with the pattern a little too much and didn't use it in the video! Tights from Penneys (Primark)
Though it did make it onto Lookbook :)

What are your favourite items for Autumn dressing??

Take it Easy!



  1. I actually love the tights in the last pics! But yea maybe not with the jacket. Where are they from? +1 for TOOL badge! :D

    1. Ha ha, cheers lady! The tights are from Penneys :) xx


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