Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vichy Dermablend Stick; An indepth review!!!

 Swatch chart from;

I've actually been threatening to do this review for nearly as long as I've  been making videos on Youtube! 
I've been using and loving Dermablend for years, even since before they reformulated and repackaged several years ago. (They reformulated again in 2012)
I have already written about my love for the product and it's attributes in several older posts...
Herehere & here.
I don't want to repeat myself too much, so I'll just give ye the bullet points.
* It's a high coverage corrective foundation stick; 40% pigments.
*Mineral Oil based and so moisturising to the skin.
(Please read this article by the Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun about the benefits of Mineral oil in Cosmetics)
*Suitable for all skin-types but the mineral oil may cause the finish to look a tad too shiny on very oily skins.
*Comes in 7 shades and costs €21.50 in Ireland.
*Promised 12 hours wear but this is extended by 4 hours of up to 16 hours when set with the Dermablend setting powder. It becomes water-resistant and smudge proof with the powder.
*It will cover minor flaws and more severe skin flaws including port wine stain, tattoos etc.
*Contains SPF30 to protect sensitive skin. 

Watch this video for a more comprehensive review and demo!

MAC Comparison Chart;

Larger swatches Vichy Dermablend Foundation Stick, smaller striped swatches to the right, MAC Full Coverage Foundation.
PLEASE NOTE; the second colour above from left "Ivory" should read "OPAL".

Flawless full-coverage finish with the Dermablend!

Rick Genest or "Zombie Boy" Dermablend Cover-up
Left before and Right after!!!!


  1. I'm mind-blown by the last images :o

  2. on the MAC comparison chart is the shade ivory the same as opal??

    1. Yes! I added a note, that was an error on my part. x

  3. What lipstick is that?? It's amazing!

    1. It's actually ,mainly MAC Magenta Lipliner. x

  4. Fantastic!
    Siobhan, I love to do a real structured contour/highlight on myself for evenings out. Would you suggest using a lighter shade in the areas such as under eye, forehead etc.. to do so or would I just go in with a brightener (e.g. MAC light boost) after I've applied the one shade all over?

    1. Either works fine to be honest! Though Light Boost will be more sheer and maybe not cover dark circles etc alone. x

  5. Replies
    1. They have just reformulated and my shade Opal is now a pinky shade :( So maybe in the new ones!? x


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