Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Dresses Styled for Winter!

This awesome elephant print dress is 100% my style, I love the amber on black, cut-out sleeves and the intricate detailing at the hem of the dress. Plus it makes me very nostalgic, reminding me of the 3 months I spend traveling around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in my early 20's! In Thailand I visited an Elephant Sanctuary where they cared for rescued elephants and of course it's the only time in my life where I saw an Elephant in the flesh. I got to feed one and have a sit on one while it sauntered about. It was magical!!

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Outfit #1

Boots; Newlook
Jewelry; Primark (Penneys)

Another beautiful dress that has a really lovely delicacy to it and one that I really feel a strong 60's vibe from. Despite the hippy flower look of the dress, it also reminds me of Japanese fashion as well which influenced my styling of the dress when adding the Obi style belt.
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Outfit #2

Belt; Swamp
Tights; Primark (Penneys)
Ear rings; TopShop
Rings; Primark (Penneys)

This houndstooth dress is perfect for retro styling and the heavy material is surprisingly warm. The 'skater' style cut is great for faking a slim waist on someone like myself who has a boyish thick torso, and if like me also you have a little extra 'winter weight' on your hips, the cut will hide this as well :)

Outfit #3

Belt; Primark (Penneys)
Boots; SixtySeven from TK Maxx. (last season)

Watch the video for a better look at the outfits! 

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  1. Great post! I actually like wearing dresses more in the winter. I think they look cuter paired with big boots and furs and coats and things.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree, love my dresses in the winter time :) xx

  2. These dresses looks so impressive for girls to wear in winter fashion.I must recommend


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