Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautify your hair with new Pantene Pro-V Haircare products.

My gruaig* has been getting a lot of TLC recently in the hopes of growing it to mermaid lengths while trying to keep it in the healthiest condition possible (and whilst still keeping on-top of my dye job mind!)
My current haircare wonder team includes these guys from Pantene, all designed to protect and beautify my hair without weighing it down, which can be a major hassle for my super fine hair.
*Gruaig is the Irish word for hair for those who may not know! :)

The first trio of the lot are part of Pantene Pro-V's newest collection 'Youth Protect 7' which is designed to deal with hair aging and includes a first for the brand in the shape of their BB Creme for hair!
It is described as a "Preventative anti-aging regimen....designed to address the first signs of hair ageing"(sic)
When I think of hair aging, I immediately go to grey hair & thinning of the hair but there's more that happens to our tired tresses as we age including the loss of "The 7 benefits of Youthful Hair" according to Pantene.... These 7 benefits are;
1. Shine
2. Fullness
3. Smoothness
4. Strength
5. Resilient ends
6. Healthy, damage free strands
7. Hydration  
... and the Pantene Boffins have been researching these benefits and the change in aging hair for over 10 years so I'd hope that they should know their stuff by now!

So while we have hair dyes to take care of the sneaky and not so sneaky greys, we need to carefully manage the condition of out hairs' health to keep it looking well, and full and youthful!
The Youth Protect 7 gang contain "breakthrough technology" along with their B5 Vitamin complex that helps to improve and regulate the moisture balance in the hair as well as protecting it from environmental aggressors by nourishing the hair.
And of course since it's a "preventative regime" it will be an ongoing journey to keep up the benefits, as is with your skincare regime. 
I have been using the Youth Protect 7 Shampoo, Conditioner and BB Creme for the past couple of weeks now. (All C/o) My hair has been in decent condition anyhow lately thanks to my smothering it in treatments every chance I get, but the downside to treating fine hair is that it can become heavy and a little limp from the rich conditioners. I was immediately impressed by the lightweight feel of my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner and my hair did and does indeed look shiny and full when left to dry naturally. The BB Creme is a lovely leave-in smoothing serum-like product that can be used in the hair while wet or dry and again surprisingly doesn't add much unwelcome weight to the hair! I apply it to towel-dried hair throughout the lengths and style as usual and have been enjoying smoother looking hair thanks to the BB Creme (as opposed to hair left bare after washing). One pump is more than enough for my hair texture/length but an additional pump can be used on thicker or longer tresses. 
The Irish Recommended Retail Prices are;
Shampoo; €3.45
Conditioner; €3.45
BB Creme; €8.99
Also available in the collection are the Youth Protect 7 Shampoo & Serum, the Youth Protect 7 Rejuvenating Masquethe Youth Protect 7 Rejuvenating Conditioner, and the Youth Protect 7 Fibro-Reinforcing Spray (I like the sound of this one!) 
The lot is available since September Nationwide from all the usual stockists.

Pantene have a 4-Step Regime that can include any of the above products, "designed to Protect and Prevent the signs of hair ageing" (sic).

1. Shampoo
2. Condition
3. Treat
4. Protect and Perfect with a Masque, BB Creme or Spray.

The other Pantene product that has been gracing my hair, falls into Step 3 of the regime and is their new 'Strength and Shine 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules'.
This is a wash out treatment designed specifically for colour damaged hair that according to the brand "has been proven to help repair 6 months of colour damage in just 1 minute" .
In a nut-shell it basically helps to protect against further damage, fight frizz, strengthen the shaft, reduce breakage and smooth out the hair. And it will do all that when used for 1 minute at least once a week.

I was sent 2 packs, each containing 3 of the 'Ampoules' and gave one to my sister who has heavily bleached hair, keeping the other for myself. My sister has been extremely impressed by the treatment and I could visibly see why. Her hair is noticeably shinier and smoother looking after using the product, and this comes from a head of hair that had been processed to the hilt and therefore can look quite frazzled. Where I didn't notice quite the same level of transformation, I was still impressed by the condition and feel of my hair after. And both my sister and I agree that it doesn't weigh our fine hair down like many other treatments often can.

The Pro-V Strength and Shine 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules are also available now with a RRP of €5.69.

Here's to healthier hair!!!

Any of you guys try any of the collection out yet??

Chat soon,


  1. There is also another product made by Pantene that goes to 10 that I picked up because 5 just wasn't cutting this one dealt with flyaways, detangles (this really got for my daughter), and so many other areas that were so beneficial. Check it out ladies it really did work.

  2. I'll have to try those 'Strength and Shine 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules'.!
    Your sister's hair sounds VERY similar to mine! Mine is bleached platinum blonde and has been dyed ever crazy colour under the sun! So, It needs some lovin'! xD
    Shaunaa x

    1. Sounds like it was made for your hair so :) x

  3. so lovely item

  4. Cand I use Pantene pro-v 1 min wonder and color hair straight after


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