Friday, November 8, 2013

Bourjois Booty! New Products & Old Favourites :)

Following on from my previous Maybelline posts here & here, today's post feautres Bourjois products .....both old and new!

I was recently sent some of the new releases from their Christmas range including the 24hr Color Edition Cream to Powder EyeShadows, a Color Boost 10hr Lipstick and a 1 Seconde Nail Enamel.

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Starting with the Shadow pots, these little gems (see picture above) the Color Edition 24hr EyeShadows are described as "The 2013 version of the iconic Bourjois little round pot!"
They are Bourjois' first foray into the world of cream shadows and a happy edition to the rest of the brand's line up. All of the 6 shadows contain a metallic finish with a cream to powder finish, similar to the Bourjois cream to powder blushes. 
As the name would suggest, they are designed to last 24hours on the lids... While this is a time frame I hope never to test out on my lids, I did wear the colours I applied in the video below for nearly 10 hours in total and the result was very impressive. I had minimal creasing and fading. In fact the results I show at the end of the first video below were the same when I reached the 10 hour mark!

The colours I received were;
03; Pétale de Glace
05; Prune Nocturne
06; Bleu Ténébreux
and I liked them so much that I went out and picked up 04; Kaki Chéri in boots this week!
See the swatches below....

Photo taken with Flash;
From left to right;
03; Pétale de Glace,  04; Kaki Chéri , 05; Prune Nocturne & 06; Bleu Ténébreux
I really quite like these shadows, though they do take a wee bit of getting used to as the texture is so different from what I am used to with the Maybelline Color Tattoos and the MAC Paint Pots.
They have a very silky, slidey (not a real word I know!!) , smooth texture that sometimes requires a couple of coats to build up. But this is also required by some of the MAC paint pots... *cough cough* Rubenesque *cough cough*.....

The range also includes a silver colour 01; Merveille d'Argent and a gold 02; Or Désire which I don't have but 1 of which the Viva Adonis girls just reviewed, so ye can see more of it there!!!

They are retailing for €8.99 in Ireland and £6.99 in the UK. Boots in Ireland are running a 3 for 2 offer on their cosmetics at time of writing so I didn't end up having to even pay for my lovely green shade yesterday when I picked it up! Score!!! 

The next product that was sent to me C/o was one of the new Color Boost Lipstick shades released for the Christmas period also.

The 2 new shades are;
05; Red Island, a true red shade.
06; Plum Russian, a purpley plum colour & the one I received!

06; Plum Russian
All of the existing shades of the Color Boost Lipsticks are all very bright, some fluoro bright, so the Plum Russian shade is a welcome deep and moody addition, the perfect winter shade. And what I particularly love about this product is that it is highly moisturising. A huge plus for me as my lips shrivel up during the colder months and can look very dry and cracked, which in turn looks awful  under most lipsticks. 
I personally always wear a lipliner under these very glossy types of lip colour as my own lip shape needs some help in the definition department, but they can of course be worn alone for a more sheer wash of colour. I like to wear MAC's 'Vino' lip pencil under the Plum Russian shade.
They promise 10 hours wear, though this is not something I have tried out... (I am in the habit of blotting my lips when I eat and reapplying afterwards) .... and it's also a water-proof product!!

The Color Boosts are retailing for £7.99 in the UK and €10.99 in Ireland and of course are reminiscent of the Clinique Chubby Sticks which are €20.00 in Ireland.

Finally, the last bit that was sent to me was one of the new 1 Seconde Nail Enamels. 
They have released 2 new shades for Christmas.
28; Red Dingue
39; It's Raining Stars (The one I have & what a pretty name!!)

39; It's Raining Stars

The information is was sent along with the products included this cute little tutorial for suggested application of the 2 colours.....

...though I have just been wearing it as an all over top coat and loving the result :)
I honestly never have much to say about nail varnishes in general other than they are nice or not, chip quickly or not, but this one lasts days on the nails before any chipping occurs and has different size glitter particles in the formula making it very pretty to look at! I did wear it solo for the first couple of times and it looked fine, but I prefer to wear it over a coloured base as in the picture above where I have it on over a gold base. The only thing that might bug people about this particular Nail Enamel is the rough texture due to the glitter particles, but this doesn't bother me.

Retailing for £5.99 in the UK and €7.99 from Boots in Ireland.

Watch the videos below for more information and to see the application of the above products as well as some old favourites from the Bourjois range. 



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