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Max Factor *Wild Collection* Show & Tell.

Continuing on with the Max Factor love this weekend, here is part 2 bringing ye all the info about the new 'Wild Collection' which is available now from all the usual Max Factor stockists nationwide.
(If ye missed Part 1 which featured the new Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation, catch it here)

The collection comprises of 3 separate groupings;

1. The Wild Shadow Pencils RRP €7.49
2. The Wild Shadow Pots RRP €6.99
3. Wild Mega Volume Mascara RRP €8.99

I'll start off with the Wild Shadow Pencils or more accurately the '2-in-1 Gel Shadow and Liner Pencils';

There are actually 8 available in the family, I was sent 7 of the 8 (though I'd imagine this wasn't on purpose considering I received all of the rest of the collection in it's entirety!?)
Fierce Lime is the colour I have on my waterlines in the video below and even though I love the pop of colour in this area, I didn't actually love this pencil there.... I applied it as normal but it almost immediately started to migrate from the waterline into the gucky area of the inner eye corners, peuk :P
I tried again and it happened again, and I don't have particularly watery eyes either! The colour did stay along my actual lash line though and the pigment is strong enough that it was still very 'punchy' and vibrant. The colour it's self is a lovely intense lime green that I like to look at but would personally keep to just a small area as I did here rather than applying it over the entire eye area. I think it's absolutely fine to apply the colour to the lash lines, the products will adhere to the actual hair line, but I will avoid the actual waterlines in the future. 
The rest of the colours which ye can see above vary between punchy and more muted and offer a decent selection for people to choose from to suit their own tastes. The colour I didn't receive was Untamed Pink, what looks like a lovely frosted pale pink from what I can tell from the promo pictures. 
The Pencils work lovely on the lids as both base and stand-alone colour. I did find they worked a bit better over a primed eye as opposed to on bare skin (as skin on the eyelids can be a tad 'slippy' and sometimes oily). Applying them is easy, they glide on very smoothly and blend out just as easily with a fluffy brush and even though I had to run the pencil back and forth a few times to build up a decent coating, the colour pay-off is also quite decent and punchy. They need to have a dry enough surface to work over though so mattifying oily lids is a must!
The shades are all slightly shimmery/glittery, some more so than others.

The Shadow Pots for me are the stars of the show!
There are 13 different coloured eyeshadows, 8 neutrals and 5 fluro-brights, and like the pencils they vary in smoothness & level of shimmer/glitter.

The stand-out's for me were Pale Pebble, Savage Rose, Burnt Bark & Vicious Purple.
Though the first 3 are quite neutral and maybe not hugely unique, they easily rival similar higher-end and higher priced near-duplicates. Pale Pebble is a lovely pale cream shade with a smooth texture and the perfect amount of reflection to use as a highlighter. It would be a great alternative for MAC's 'Shroom' (though not quite as reflective) or a slightly more shiny alternative for MAC's 'Blanc Type' or 'Mylar' eyeshadows. Savage Rose, a champagne hue, reminded me of 'All that glitters' by MAC though a little bit more on the pink side of Champagne rather than the gold/beige side that 'All that Glitters' falls into. The texture of Savage Rose as well as Burnt Bark is just like the Veluxe Pearl texture of MAC eyeshadows and Burnt Bark is a very close match to 'Satin Taupe', one of MAC's most popular neutrals. Vicious Purple is a gorgeous shade that looks similar to MAC's 'Stars n Rockets' or 'Creme de Violet', but a bit more glittery.
The rest of the shadows are all quite likable, there isn't one shade that I think drags the collection down. My only gripes would be first that there were no matte shades added to the line-up, even a medium matte brown would have really helped the collection by offering a choice for the crease colour so you wouldn't have to have 100% glittery shades on the lids. And secondly the lids of the pots seem to have a life of their own and loosen themselves out of pure divilment, meaning that the little buggers would be liable to open in your makeup bag whilst in transit and cause a glittery mess in said bag, so I just have to really make sure I tighten the lids as much as I can when finished with them.
Despite those minor issues, I think these are great eyeshadows for what they are, particularly with their €6.99 price tag and I love that they can be used both wet & dry. These have been getting plenty of love from me in the past couple of weeks :)

The final piece of the Wild Collection is of course a mascara.... Max Factor have definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to producing good mascaras. I have always regarded their Masterpiece Max Mascara as one of my Holy Grail mascaras from my early 20's and absolutely love their False Lash Effect and Clump Defy Mascaras in more recent years. 
This new Wild Mega Volume Mascara is as it implies, a volumising mascara that uses it's curved hourglass-shaped wand to both load the lashes up with the product and work it through the hairs from root to tip creating bold volume without clumping.

The formula is an intense dark shade of black and even though it isn't a claim of the product, I found it to give great lift and also some curl to my lashes. As usual I have to find some negative angle to balance things up, and here it is that the brush doesn't lend itself well to the lower lashes. It's just a wee bit too big & bulky to easily coat the smaller lower-lash hairs without causing a mess. 
Oh and this particular mascara is water resistant as well, helping the pro's to greatly outweigh the one measly little con :)

See more about the collection in the video......

If ye can't get to somewhere that stocks the collection easily, you will also find the products on Amazon!

As usual let me know what ye think or if ye have tried any of these bits out already!

Take it easy guys :)


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