Friday, November 29, 2013

New Zoeva 'Luxe Color Blush' & 'Lips to Love' Lip Crayons.

Zoeva this week released a lovely new collection of 5 Lip Crayons and 6 Blushes, the 'Lips to Love' Lip Crayons & the 'Luxe Color Blushes'.

'Lips to Love' 
The 5 new lip crayons are mostly quite neutral apart from 'Silly Love' which is the brightest of the lot, and are all really wearable and great for both every-day wear or a more glamorous look. 
The formula of the pencils is super moisturising and creamy thanks to the ingredients; pearl powder, Vitamin E, jojoba oil and chamomile. Despite the hydrating property of the lip crayons, the pencils are formulated to be long-wearing and intense in pigment. 
They also work perfectly well without the need for a lip-pencil underneath thanks to their shape, and I was able to draw on the definition I needed to perfect my lip-line using them alone. 
They feel lovely and hydrating on the lips and importantly, there are not particularly sticky at all!
They cost €6.20 per Lip Crayon and are available on the website now!

 Nude Hero, Second Chance, Tender Rose, Silly Love & Sweet Heat.


'Luxe Color Blush' 
The 6 new blush shades are just as lovely as the lippies and really beautiful on the skin! I have been wearing them all week and have fallen in love. 
They are extremely soft with a lovely smooth velvety feel to the powder. Surprisingly, it looks more like a cream blush when applied to the skin because the formula is so 'un-powdery', and this is down to apricot oil and Vitamin E being added to the formula, as well as the powder being extremely finely milled. 
They have been formulated to be long-lasting and fade proof and can be applied lightly or built up for a more intense colour pay-off. They are super pigmented without being hard to work with and having already road-tested them at a pro job at the weekend, I feel these guys will be parking their butts firmly in my kit as well as on my own makeup table as well!!
They are available for €7.50 each now from the online store;

Burning up, Shy Beauty, Gentle Touch,
Rush Rush, Last Love, He Loves Me Maybe.

Shy Beauty, Gentle Touch & Burning up 
Last Love, Rush Rush & He Loves Me Maybe.
Shy Beauty, Gently touch, Burning up, Rush Rush, Last Love & He Loves Me Maybe.

I think the collection is well worth checking out and there's even more!
 I have still to let ye know about the tote bag that was released along with these guys....
It deserves it's own video and blog post, I'm smitten!! But more about that soon.

In the mean time,
Take Care Guys :)



  1. I've never heard of this company, but all the products look really nice. That blush in He Loves Me Maybe looks gorgeous! And they ship here awesome! Thanks for the review.

  2. Silly Love doesn´t look bad. I do not have any Zoeva products, but I have heard that their brushes are not bad :)

    1. I have a few of their brushes and they are some of my all time favourites!!! x

  3. Pretty blushes! I have one shade and I actually like it.
    ~Pauline @ NYX Philippines


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