Friday, November 1, 2013

Product Focus; Max Factor *Whipped Creme Foundation*

Ahoy Hoy!
Now that Halloween is over and done with, it's time to get back to reality and to my more regular makeup related posts. I'm gonna kick things off with the latest addition to Max Factor's foundation range, the new Whipped Creme Foundation.
I am already a fan of a few of the brand's other foundation offerings like the Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation, the Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 Foundation and their 3-in-1 Foundation.

The Ingredients.
Whipped Creme Foundation is a light-weight demi-matte foundation. ('demi' means 'half') 
The first listed ingredient is *Cyclopentasiloxane, a very fluid & spreadable silicone that will help towards a silky looking finish to the skin. "It acts as a mild water repellent by forming a protective barrier on the skin.  It can also fill in fine lines and wrinkles, giving the face a temporary “plump” look." *Source
The next ingredients being water & glycerine will hydrate the skin, and the glycerine will help to trap this moisture on the skin's surface. The silicones in the formula can further help to seal in the moisture as well as form a barrier, helping prevent any sebum produced by the skin from mixing with the foundation. The silicones help to reduce shine not only by holding off any oil coming through, but also by diffusing any light that hits the face causing that favourable 'blurred' effect, further helping with the look of any lines or wrinkles. 
I always find reading the ingredient list on my makeup so helpful in determining whether I think the product will be a good fit for me or not and the above information makes me very comfortable with this foundation for my skin's needs! It might seem a tad daunting at first with all the big long words but you'll find that the same ingredients will show up again and again and you will start to recognise and remember the different words and what they mean for your product. 

The foundation is oil-free and suitable for all skin types. It will give a naturally dewy look to the skin, a bit of a glow rather than full on shine. 
When I apply it I notice first how easily it blends in and it has a very smooth feel to it both in application and to touch. 
When I first heard of the foundation, I immediately thought 'mousse' foundation and assumed I'd hate it! I have always found in the past that mousses don't suit my skin, they can look dry and cakey and quite flat on the skin. So when I was sent this to try I was very pleasantly surprised! And thankful that it was sent to me as I probably wouldn't have gone out and picked it up otherwise. 
It's a light to medium coverage so you might need a concealer for any blemishes and it lasts ages before any touch-ups are needed! 

My Colour; #40 Light Ivory.
Available in 6 shades.

The foundation comes in 6 shades, very usual for pharmacy brands, but unfortunately like too many other cosmetic companies, doesn't cater for darker skinned folk.
Available now nationwide and is retailing for around €12 - €13 in Ireland!

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