Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Trends LookBook; Shiv's Style.

Coat; c/o Romwe (Size Small)
Skirt; c/o Romwe (One Size)
Boots; Dunnes Stores (Irl/UK Size 4)

Coat; c/o Mart of China (Size Small)
Shirt; c/o Mart of China (Size Small)
Skirt; Primark (Irl/Uk Size 8)

Coat; c/o Choies (Size Small)
Boots; Newlook (Irl/UK Size 4)

Coat; Old Similar Here
Dress; c/o Choies (Size Small)
Leggings; Primark (Irl/UK Size 8)
Shoes; Primark (Irl/UK Size 4)
Hat; Old Similar Here

Coat; c/o Romwe (Size Small)
Jumper; c/o ChicNova (One Size)
Skirt; c/o SheInside (One Size)
Boots; c/o PersunMall (Size 37 - Irl/UK Size 4)
Hat; Primark

Jumper; Primark (Old)
Skirt; Primark (Irl/UK Size 10)
Boots; iClothing (Irl/UK Size 4)

Skirt; c/o Choies 
(Size Medium - about a size too big for me!)
Shirt; c/o Romwe (Size XS)
Boots; Primark
Balero; Primark
Belt; Old

PS; I am 5ft 3" or so & a Irl/UK size 8 mostly if that helps with sizing :)

What are your favourite winter trends???

Take it easy guys :)


  1. I love the brown studded boots! Winter trends for me are always comfy boots with chunky heels... You've got such a unique style, love these type of posts :)

    1. Thanks Steff! Yeah it's definitely all about the boots for me too! x

  2. I love every single coat, especially the first one! Those are pretty much fall coats around here though.

    1. Thanks Kat! Luckily it doesn't get ridiculously cold here! x

  3. Siobhan, great job on all the looks; the second and third are my favorites. I love how you put everything together. I'm going to do some shopping now!

  4. This is a lovely collection indeed. I recommend you guys check these coats


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