Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aussies Limited Graffiti Inspired Designs.

Aussie are again reinforcing their 'uniqueness' by releasing a Limited Edition Street Art inspired collection of their shampoo, conditioner & deep conditioner. A celebration of individualism & self-expression, the bottle designs show Street inspired edge. The company have drawn their inspiration from Melbournes street art subculture and have now brought it to our bathrooms through the bottle designs.
Apart from the fun & artistic art side of things, the products themselves are the usual fantastic Aussie standard. The limited bottles contain the classic nourishing range and these particular formulas smell AMAZING!!! They smell like sweets, the kind you would buy in the sweet shop with your 50p after Mass on a Sunday (Maybe that was just me!), but you know the ones, like lovehearts or the candy necklaces. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

MeMeMe! Cosmetics Haul & Demo. (plus a few other bits)

Clockwise from top left;
"Angels Halos Skin Illuminator" €12.50,  "Flawless Cream Foundation" in Beige Blush €15.99, "Eye Inspire Baked EyeShadow Quad #3 'Ocean Eyes' €8.50, "Eye Inspire Baked EyeShadow Quad #2 'Goddess  Eyes' €8.50.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back from holidays! Last few videos :)

Howdy Guys!!!

I'm back from my holidays and a 2 week break from work, including all my internet stuff. Apart from a few instagram updates, I haven't been checking or updating my sites, mainly due to the weak internet in my hotel room in Croatia. (I had to head down to the lobby most of the time to post my instagram pics). But I will admit, it was nice getting a break from it all! I stayed in the Hotel Croatia in Cavtat which is about a 20 min drive south of Dubrovnik and it's easily one of the most beautiful places I've visited.

One of the spectacular sunsets over the Adriatic. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New! Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' Night Spa.... A bit of at-home luxury.

As a blogger, I get to enjoy a few perks of the job, including being sent goodies every-now-and-again from various brands or their PRs. I was recently sent a 'Spa' package by the lovely Vichy PR lady which included their newly released 'Aqualia Thermal' Night Spa hydrating gel as well as a scented candle, a sleep-mask & a pair of slippers. I swear she must have read my mind as it couldn't be more ideal with my holidays just around the corner!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shine & Shade with new Zoeva Mineral Highlighter & Bronzer.

Available from the online Zoeva store as of July 1st, these two new products from Zoeva are mineral based loose powders that offer the perfect bronzing effect & satin glow. Cutely named "Sun over shoulder" (Bronzer) & "Summer Light" (Highlighter) they are extremely finely milled and free of parabens, talc & fragrance. They are also 100% vegan!

The 2.5g/ 0.09oz jars cost €4.50 & come with sifters.

Friday, July 5, 2013

MAC 'Tropical Taboo' Collection July 2013.... Eyeshadow & Blush Swatches.

Each year MAC release a collection that focuses on their mineralize range of products and this year that collection is 'Tropical Taboo'  which is inspired by Brazilian culture and music. It's dark, rich & vibrant with a glamorous allure. 

The collection comprises of ;
*3 new limited Mineralize Skinfinishes with 'Gold Deposit' & 'Soft & Gentle from the permanent line.
 RRP €29.50
Adored - Coral with light beige pearlized pigments
Rio - Bronze with bright pink pearlized pigments

Lust - Pale pink with cranberry pearlized pigments

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NEW! Wella Color Recharge Conditioners. (Sponsored Post)

We all know that unless you go down the permanent hair colouring route (which is damaging to our delicate locks) and instead opt for the more healthy, hair-friendly 'Semi-' option, your colour will be faded well before you'd like..... Or as I find, well before the hair dye box tells me!! 
It's always the lovely newly-dyed sheen that is the first to leave the building and while you may still have depth of colour for a whileen longer, the overall look can just seem dull. 
These fellas from Wella (Ha! ...^_^... I am way too easily amused!)... Anyhow, these new 'Color Recharge' conditioners from the Wella Professionals range are here to save the day & deal with this exact problem. They help to hold off the annoying fading, as well as freshen up your colour in-between salon visits, so you can enjoy a little bit of vibrancy for longer!

Left; My hair after about a month, the fading is really noticeable on the bleached panel to the left.
Centre; freshly dyed hair (but fuzzy)
Right; After 3 or 4 washes using the color recharge conditioner.

Shivs Style; OOTD 'Lolita Doll' ft. Romwe & Koi Couture.

Hey Guys!
 Apologies for the poor lighting in the video, wanted to try out a new location for outfit filming and thought my bedroom might work, but it was a bit of a fail! ha ha. Watch in HD to help improve the impaired watching experience :)