Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aussie 'Miracle Recharge' Conditioning Sprays.

Aussie Conditioning Sprays C/o .
Time for a hair care post and this one is all about the new(ish) Aussie Conditioning Sprays...
I have in the past steered away from leave-in conditioners as the older formulas used to weigh my fine hair down, making it look lank rather than silky and sleek. In the past few years though the new formulas coming out are much lighter and some are even volumising and much more 'fine hair' friendly.
The 'Miracle Recharge' Conditioning Sprays by cult hair-care brand Aussie are fab for these exact reasons.
The main thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Aussie products is the great scent. I love how they smell, all of their offerings, and it has made me quite loyal to the brand. This and the fact that they work while not costing me a bomb. If in doubt I pick up an Aussie product as I know I'll be happy with it. I'm not saying that they work better that all the other products out there but they are a satisfying and safe option!
I was sent 3 of their new conditioning sprays a few months ago. The one for coloured hair, the one for moisture and the one to add volume, there are a total of 8 in the line up;
*Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Shine
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Take the Heat (heat protectant)
* Aussie Miracle Recharge Luscious Long 
* Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance
All come in a 250ml spray action bottle and retail for RRP €5.09 in Ireland.

I spoke already about these in my recent hair care video here and post here .
I will get my only gripe about these out of the way first..... the bottle being quite wide means that when holding it in my hand I don't have as much strength to push the spray head which is a tad stiff or tough to press! Maybe i'm just a big weakling but I honestly struggle a bit with it every time unless I hold the bottle in both hands and then squeeze. 
Now that that is out of the way, I'll get on to the good points...
As I mentioned already these smell wonderful (kinda fruity) and are lovely and lightweight on the hair.
I can even use them over already conditioned hair if it looks a bit frazzled after towel drying and it isn't too much. These can also be using in dry hair in-between washes which I love, particularly if my hair is a bit flat looking on day 2 ( I use the volumising one) or of the ends of my hair is looking a bit like a lion's mane (I use the moisture one). The formula is quite nourishing giving a lovely sheen and 'pep' to the hair and they all contain Panthenol which really improves the look of the hair in general.
I have been using the colour one on my dyed red hair mostly as it helps lengthen the life of the colour's vibrancy as well as fulfilling the main objective which is to condition, especially good for colour treated hair.
These are available now in all usual stockists!

From me & my well conditioned locks,
take it easy!!!


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