Monday, January 27, 2014

New Luxury Makeup Brushes; Zoeva

Ahoy hoy Lovelies :)
Today is finally here..... The 8 new Zoeva single brushes are available from today along with 2 different size clutch bags, as is the stunning new 'Rose Golden' brush set of 8 brushes also along with a matching Clutch.
I give a full run down of all the brushes in the video below and my thoughts on them as well as the different uses for each. 
G'wan...... Have a look!!!

First here's a list of the 8 new single brushes being released, which brings the total count of Zoeva's makeup brushes up to 50!


103/Defined Buffer;
This gorgeous synthetic angled flat top kabuki-style brush is perfect for medium to full coverage application.

100/Luxe Face Finish;
The angled cut of this brush allows the bristles to reach along each dip and curve of the face, for a gorgeous light diffused application of powder products.

 126/Luxe Cheek Finish;
This brush consists of a mix of natural and synthetic hairs, as do all of the other 'white' haired brushes, The dome shape makes it perfect for blush application.

105/Luxe Highlight;
This tapered brush is designed for highlighting the face, perfect also for contouring thanks to the shape. Super soft.

109/Face Paint;
This unique brush is made for sculpting out your features, the most perfect contouring brush!!!


221/Luxe Soft Crease;
Gorgeous soft blending brush for a perfectly blended smokey eye.

224/Luxe Defined Crease;
Does what it says! The flat head allowed for very directional application of shadow for a very intense, defined application.

322/Brow Line;
I love this brush for the brows, the stubby length of the brush head allows you to create a beautifully defined shape. Can be used with powder or cream products.

Two size clutch bags are also available which can be used as makeup/brush bags or as clutches.
Larger size €14.80
Smaller size €12.80

The 'Rose Golden' set comprises of 8 brushes which already exist within the range but these have been given rich dark brown handles, rose gold ferrules and golden writing.
A stunning looking set, made up of fantastic quality brushes.
A sophisticated dark brown large clutch bag accompanies the set. 
Available now for €58.00

Brushes were sent C/o Zoeva as press samples, this bares no impact on how impressed I am by them.
I have a strong affection for Zoeva products in general, but the brushes I just LOVE!!
I can't recommend them enough. 

What do you guys think of the brushes???

Chat soon,


  1. I really want to try their brushes since I'm from Germany, but shipping to the states looks so expensive.


    1. Try! Hopefully that shipping will be better. x

  2. Hi Siobhan, great video! What nail polish qre you wearing its gorgeous! !! Thanks

    1. Thanks it's an Inglot polish, don't have it on me to check the number. x

  3. These Look Tempting!
    Following you now through GFC :) Please follow back and return the support <3

  4. They look lovely, want to try them out!

  5. Great video, now I'm dying to try out some of these guys!
    I couldn't find it anywhere, so forgive me if you already mentioned it, but what lipstick are you wearing in the vid?
    It's a lovely bluish red shade!

    1. Thanks Fran, it's the new Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout. x


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