Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleek Makeup 'Garden of Eden' EyeShadow Palette Show & Tell.

Hey Guys!
Sleek Makeup's first new offering of 2014 is this gorgeous eyeshadow palette inspired by Nature with earthy tones & 'Jungle' shades and names like 'Python' & 'Evergreen'. It joins the rest of the i-Divine palettes, with the same great quality and textures, buy this guy costs only £7.99 compared to the rest of the palettes which are £9.99 each. (I've no idea why this one is less expensive!)
Meet 'Garden of Eden'!!!

It contains 7 extremely pigmented shimmer shades and 5 mattes (2 of which contain delicate glitter particles) which blend beautifully. I have found with all of the Sleek Makeup palettes that the shimmer shades don't necessarily need a primer but the mattes do work a lot better with a tacky base.
Watch the video below for a good look at the palette and check further down the post for swatches etc.

EyeShadows from L-R;
Gates of Eden, Eve's Kiss, Paradise on Earth, Python, Forbidden, Flora.
Entwined, Adam's Apple, Fig, Evergreen, Fauna, Tree of Life.
I am wearing 'Eve's Kiss' on my inner corners, 'Paradise on Earth' on the lid,  'Python' on my outer corners and 'Forbidden' to blow out the crease.

Will any of you guys be getting this palette???

Available from Sleek MakeUP online.
Also available on cloud 10 beauty :)

Chat soon,



  1. Wow, the colours in your eye makeup are stunning!! I pre-ordered the palette and it should be coming tomorrow, yay!

  2. I will definitely buy this one! Beautiful colours!

  3. some of the sleek palettes are now available on boots.ie !!! I am deffo going to check out tomorow if its available in boots in liffey valley and if it is there i am so getting it. looks fab :) love sleek palettes :)

    1. Yeah, the Sleek Makeup PR just let me know during the week! So handy. x

  4. Gorgeous colors. My palette arrived yesterday from Amazon. You are now my favorite source for beauty product ideas and reviews. I love the videos.


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