Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tom Ford 'Crimson Noir' Lipstick Review & Demo.

I have heard many many great things about Mr. Tom Ford & his luxury lipsticks over the past year or so in particular and decided to splurge on one of his 18 lipstick offerings, 'Crimson Noir'. At €46.00 here in Ireland this would be a step again above other high-end lipsticks from the likes of Chanel and Dior, an uber high-end lippy if you will......

 And at €46.00 I was expecting an amazing product.
I chose the shade 'Crimson Noir' based mainly on it's name, assuming it would be a deep intense red blackened slightly to more of an ox-blood colour, but I was wrong. It is actually more of a strawberry red without any hint of black in it. (Noir being the french for black)
I would have chosen 'Black Orchid', a darkened black red, had it been in stock but 'Crimson Noir' seemed like the next best offering for the mood I was in at time of purchasing!
Moving on..... despite that initial slight disappointment, I have grown quite heavily in love with my Tom Ford lipstick.

The lipstick isn't overly opaque so when I wear a darker, deeper lipliner colour underneath, I get my desired shade. In the picture below (& in the video) I have MAC's 'Auburn' lip pencil on under my TF lippy and this combination gives me the striking, stunning intense red result I have been loving. I also like to wear it over slightly more berry colored pencils like 'Vino' or 'Current' (also by MAC).
The formula is very creamy and hydrating as one would expect from such a high calibre product, and the colour pay-off is equally strong though it is a tad more sheer than I expected. That's not a bad thing though, I often dislike too-thick formulas and this is not one of them. It's light and comfortable on the lips and does not dry out at all. Transference isn't any worse than what you get other lipsticks of a similar formula either. The finish is a medium gloss not a million miles away from the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks, but this one feels as though it applies more smoothly and sits more comfortably on the lips.

'Crimson Noir' over MAC's 'Auburn' Lip Pencil.
Tom Ford 'Crimson Noir' lipstick in natural light.
Watch the video for more of my thoughts on the lipstick and for my quick application demo.

See all 18 shades available on the Tom Form website here.....

I definitely sense more TF lippies in my future!
What do you guys think of them??

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  1. Totally agree that you'd expect it to be much darker! I've got two TF lippies now - Black orchid & Cherry. Love them both, but got them swapping with other bloggers (yay BeautySoClean spray), so haven't forked out myself for one. They are stunning though!

    1. I want Black Orchid for sure next time. I want more!!!

  2. It is much more red than I thought it would be. It looks a little deeper in your video about the W7 palette. I managed to get my little mits on Tom Ford Slander lippy in the CCO out here in the US. It has a bit more pink/blue to it I think than Crimson Noir.I bought a second one. I couldn't leave it behind for $34. It has made me love his lipsticks though which could be a dangerous addiction.

    1. I definitely think I'll get at least one more lippy from the brand, but want to try out more Chanel etc. x


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