Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fun Fashion Haul :) ft. PersunMall, SheInside, TopShop, Newlook & Romwe. Coat; C/o
Size Small (6-8 UK/IRL)
My boyfriend is forever giving out to me about the amount of coats & jackets I own but what he doesn't understand is that they are one of the most impostant pieces of clothing a gal can own when you live in a cold country where you basically live in your outerwear! And who wants to be stuck in the same ol' coat every day of the week?!
And apart from that I just love coats! All outerwear actually, I have quite a large collection of boots & shoes, scarves, gloves, hats and of course coats.
So when I saw this coat on the site my brain exploded a little.
It is the prettiest coat I've seen in a while, and I love it on myself just as much as on the model in the PersunMall picture, which is rare!

Newlook Necklace;
This necklace from Newlook was available in this silver colour as well as a gold version. I was very close to picking up both as they were just €9.99 a piece but I pulled myself up at the last minute & went with the silver one only. I think it's just gorgeous & am delighted I chose this over the gold.

Black & White Dress; C/o
Size Small (8-10 UK/IRL) is one of those sites where you literally want everything on it, so choosing just 2 items is a tough job. I always feel like I don't have enough casual dresses so when I saw this houndstooth beaute on the site, I immediately fell in love! It is quite short which suits my 5ft 3in perfectly as most dresses tend to reach closer to my knees which I find can look a tad frumpy on shorties. The waist is the only thing that is a little roomy but since I filmed the video above, I have sewed 2 pieces of black ribbon onto the sides to tie around the back. Perfect :) Knitwear Cape; C/o
Free Size.
I literally used to live in ponchos & capes when I was a teenager/early 20 something, but for some reason haven't really worn them over the past few years, apart from a couple of caped coats.
This gorgeous tasseled cape really reminds me of my youff and is quite unique as it actually has cuffs for your wrists so it's a little like a jumper/cape hybrid.
And it pairs perfectly with my new necklace if I do say so myself :) 

TopShop Sunglasses; 
These TopShop sunnies have a real retro feel to them and have really dark lenses which is really important to me as I find that loads of sunglasses are often not dark enough to protect against sun glare, which is particularly important for driving. Also I immediately feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear them with my fringe & my hair up in a go-go... fabulous! ^_^

Romwe Glasses; C/o
These super quirky sunglasses from have a real cyber punk edge to them. They are layered glasses so when you lift the top lenses, you have clear lenses beneath in the glasses frame. I find this really handy for driving, but mostly they are just kickass!

This is my last post before heading on holiday today to the States, and I will be away for nearly 2 weeks. I have pre-recorded a bunch of videos for scheduled upload while I am away on my Youtube Channel  but didn't schedule any blog posts. So check out my channel while I'm away adventuring and follow me on my Instagram or Twitter for holiday updates :)



  1. I think the dress is sooooo cute! I like buying the shorter dresses too. At 5'2" they're just the right length. I checked out the site too. Yes, one of each please. lol


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