Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm; First Impressions & Demo!!! (Standout)

I picked up one of the new Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms in the shade 'Standout' while in Boots recently, though I was supposed to be on a makeup buying ban until my holidays, I just had to get it as there was only one of that particular shade left... Fate!
There has been a ton of hype over these on the blogosphere over the past while. Of course the US got to enjoy them long before they arrived in Ireland as usual, which meant we had to read all the reviews and look at the beautifully painted lips online while waiting not-so-patiently. This just made the need to try them out all the more intense.
So finally it's my turn to share my 2 cents on the new formula of lippy!

Price, Packaging & Availability;
I picked it up for €11.20 in Boots and it's also available from Boots online.
They are widely available now after launching in Ireland and can be picked up from most pharmacies and shops that usually stock the brand.
They are twist up crayon lip balms with plastic packaging. What's cool is that the colour of the packaging matches exactly the lip products itself!

Application, Coverage, Texture & Finish;
 It's a very smooth & creamy enough balm, obviously no where near as tacky as it's more glossy counterparts. The colour pay-off is very impressive, it looks like a satin-matte lipstick on. It has very low shine that lowers even more as the day goes on to quite a matte finish. It can be applied directly from the crayon applicator but for a perfectly defined lip-line, I will be using my lip brush!

Lasting Ability;
Interestingly enough, the matte balms do not have any long lasting claims which I find a tad odd as it lasted extremely well without any primer or lip pencil on my lips for several hours. What I did notice over time is that it's moisturising properties dissipate after a couple of hours and it does become a little dry on the lips but not at all unbearably so!

Color/Shade Range;
There are 10 shades in the entire Matte Balm collection which range from a true nude (Complex) to a deep purple (Shameless), with a few lovely pinks, reds and corals in between.

'Standout' swatched without flash.
What I like, Value for Money & Would I repurchase?;
I love the texture of these guys, I am not a fan of glossy lips so the more matte-satin/matte finishes are much more up my alley! There is quite a decent shade selection and the quirky purple shade 'Shameless' really adds points for me. At €11.20 in Ireland it's not the cheapest pharmacy product but for the quality of the product, it is worth it. I've used much more expensive, higher end products that I though were rubbish so I wouldn't complain. I will definitely be picking up more of the collection in the near future!

Have you guys tried out any of them yet? What are your thoughts??

Chat soon Lovelies :)

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