Monday, February 3, 2014

Silvikrin 'Anti-Aging' Hair Care Range.

You would think think I'd be getting a bit paranoid/insulted by all the anti-aging hair products I have been sent recently, but honestly I am just enjoying them all too much! (As are my mom & sister)
These products address the results of aging to our hair like thinning, hair-loss, lose of vitality, volume and shine etc.
You definitely don't need to be over-the-hill to suffer from loss of volume or lack-lustre hair, so these babies can help young & old(er) alike!

In this new range of products from Silvikrin, you have an anti-aging hair spray, mousse & thickening lotion.

Silvikrin Anti-Aging Hairspray;
This does everything a hairspray is supposed to do and more. As well as a strong hold, level 5 of 5, it adds volume to light or thinning hair. It also adds shine to dull hair and contains UV protective properties. It is formulated not to dry out the hair and is very lightweight despite the hold level. At the end of the night you can simply brush it out without any residue being left behind.
RRP €4.49 for 250ml

Silvikrin Anti-Aging Mousse;
If you are looking for a volume lift coupled with another level 5 hold, then this is the one for you. Once it dries, there is no stickiness. Mousse is my favourite uber-volume fix when getting ready for a night out and though it can be used when you are air-drying your hair, I always find it works 10 times better when blow drying my hair. 
RRP €3.85 for 200ml

Silvikrin Anti-Aging Thickening Lotion;
This contains newer technology that promises to add 100% extra volume to the hair and lasts all day long. This is the one I've been using in the morning. The hair has a much more natural look to it as well compared to when you use the mousse as it has a medium level 3 hold. It can be used on wet or dry hair, but I always use it on towel-dried hair, and message some into the roots before pulling whatever is left on my palms through the lengths of the hair. One good pump is plenty for fine/thin hair, 2 for thicker hair that wants more volume. I applied this before work over the weekend and got loads of compliments on my hair, so of course I love it a bit ^_^
RRP €3.85 for 150ml

These are all super affordable and available now nationwide!!!

What do you guys think of these new anti-aging products being released these days??

Take it easy!

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