Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Current Favourite ESSENCE Makeup Picks :)

Good Morning Lovelies :)
(Or afternoon/night depending on your location!)

Today I am sharing with ye my pick of Essence makeup products, and these are all products that are in store now! Essence is an extremely inexpensive brand that I only really started to buy from in the past year or so because of it's tie to Catrice which is a brand I love, but I have been really loving more and more of what Essence has to offer of late!!!

Take a look :)

I'll begin with the 4 eyeshadow palettes;
*All About Candies
*All About Nude
*All About SunRise
*All About Paradise

These are 6-pan palettes which claim to range from shimmer to matte but honestly, even the mattes have a touch of light reflection, but they are just lovely non-the-less. They are powder eyeshadows but have the smoothest, almost creamy texture and unless you have very oily lids, you can skip the base/primer! 

'All About Candies'
This is the pastel palette with sugary pinks and baby hues, gorgeous colour payoff and perfect for Spring/Summer!

'All About Sunrise'
This is the warm, summery toned palette with rich golds and coppers.

'All About Nude'
This is the nude, natural palette which I am a little in love with. It contains beautiful pink, taupe and mauve tones.

'All About Paradise'
This is the bright & colourful Tropical inspired palette. Great for a colour-block look and to experiment with colour!

'Blush up!' 
Powder Blushers
These are Ombré Blushes that are dupes for the MAC & Proenza Schouler Collection blushes. They are bright and utterly gorgeous to look at. They apply lovely and smooth to the skin also.

Left; 020 'Pinky Glow'
Right; 010 'Heat Wave'

020 'Pinky Glow'
010 'Heat Wave'

...And the final three products are
*Blush Stick 10 ‘Pretty in Pink’
*Lipliner 12 ‘Wish me Rose’
*Long lasting Lipstick 08 ‘Color Crush’

Blush Stick 10 ‘Pretty in Pink’
This is a super creamy sheer blush with the prettiest pink colour. There are 2 other colours in the range.

Blush Stick 10 'Pretty in Pink'

Lip Liner 12 'Wish me Rose' & Long Lasting Lipstick 08 'Color Crush'
These are exactly as they sound! :P

Left; Lip Liner 12 'Wish me Rose'
Right; LipStick 08 'Color Crush'

I used the pink blusher and the lip products in my Music Festival Inspired Makeup Tutorial here.....

Do you Guys like the brand?
What are your favourite Essence Makeup picks???

Chat soon,



  1. I have lots of essence products!! They are so cheap and great quality but not all the products. My faves are the color arts base as a lid primer, the cream shadows are amazing, the only ones that not creases in my lids!!! The silicone wand mascaras are pretty good too and the eyebrow pencils are good pieces to choose ;)

    1. Ooh thanks for your picks :) I definitely want to get a few more pieces from them! xx

  2. "Better than gel nails Top Sealer"
    The perfect dupe to Essie's Good to Go ;)

  3. Sunset Palette looks great need to check it out in store!

  4. I love Essence products. They are very cheap but they are better than many high-brands. My favorite products are the eyeliners (very black and easy to apply), the blushes, the lipsticks, the cream eyeshadows... well, I'm a little obsess with Essence and Catrice xD

  5. Same as Prettyfacenot, I'm obsessed with Essance and Catrice and I've been for many years! Their eyeshadows, blushes/bronzer/highlighter and nail polishes are great. I always "stalk" my local reseller to find the limited collection :p


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