Thursday, April 17, 2014

Romwe Easter Sale & Grab the White Lace 3D Shirt, 64% off!

As all the retailers are reminding us lately, it'd be hard not to know that Easter is nearly upon us. I personally don't tend to get particularly any more dressed up than usual over the Easter weekend but I'm sure plenty of ye will take the opportunity to use it as an excuse to pick up a lovely new dress... or two :)

So of course Romwe are at it again with their Easter sale, running for a full week, having started on Tuesday 15th and lasting until and including next Tuesday 22nd of april.
They have up to 75% off 1000+ pieces and there are some gorgeous bits up for grabs at the reduced prices.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces...

Available here...

Available here...

Available here...

Available here...

And this white lace shirt is available for only $11.99 today down from it's usual $32.99!!!
I have the black version, which I love, but the white one is on my wish list for the summer.

And that's it for now :)

Happy Shopping!!


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