Friday, May 23, 2014

Cute Cartoon Girl Makeup Tutorial :)

Left; Actual Makeup
Right; Photoshopped Eyes (badly!)

Hey Lovelies :)
Today's tutorial is a cute and kooky one in which I (attempted) to turn myself into a cartoon character!
This will definitely appeal more to my younger viewers and anyone looking for a cute and fun look to wear to a fancy dress party.
I had a load of requests to do a look like this after my cartoon lips tutorial and was in the mood to do something totally different!
Hope you guys like it and remember it's just a bit of fun ^_^


W7 EyeShadow Primer
Maybelline ‘Big Eyes Liner’ (Double ended black/white pencil)
Wet n’ Wild ‘Art in the Streets’ Palette (Matte yellow colour)
The 3 liners I used;
Wet n’ Wild ‘Mega Eyes’ Defining Marker
L’Oréal ’Super Liner’ Perfect Slim
Physicians Formula ‘Eye Booster’ 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner & serum.
MAC ‘Gesso’ Eyeshadow (Matte white eyeshadow
W7 ‘Lashtastic’ Mascara

MAC ‘Magenta’ Lip Pencil
Eyeliner pens same as above

W7 ‘The Cheek of it’ Blush | ‘Baby Pink’

MAC 'Magenta' Lip Pencil (In the above video)

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