Thursday, May 15, 2014

Iconic 1970's Makeup Look; Debbie Harry Inspired Tutorial! ('Beauty Through the Ages' // Youtube Collaboration)

Hey Everyone!!!! 
Today's video and post are part of a huge Youtube collaboration called 'Beauty through the Ages' where myself and seven other Youtuber's were each allocated a decade (in this announcement video) spanning from the 1920's up to the 90's, and of course we had to come up with a look inspired by the decade.

I got the 70's which is a cushy one as there was so much going on then makeup wise!!! There was 70's glam, disco, punk, the Charlie's Angels beachy look, it would definitely have been a fun time to be young!!
I drew my inspiration from one of the biggest icons of the decade... Debbie Harry of Blondie.
Blondie was formed in 1975 when Debbie Harry was 30 and her look during that time was a little softer than what she was like later in the 80's where the punk influence was stronger.
Here are a few of the images of the singer from that time...

Debbie Harry on the cover of Cosmopolitan in December 1978

I also looked at some other makeup images from the decade to see where it was at in terms of colours etc... They sure loved their shimmer finishes back then!!!

And the look I came up with was influenced by all of the above, but mostly by Debbie. Though darker skin was preferred as can be seen in the last picture above, I stuck with a paler face ála Blondie and used bronzer and blush to warm up the complexion.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial...


Max Factor - 'Miracle Touch' Liquid Illusion Foundation
Maybelline - Instant Anti-Age 'The Eraser' Eye Concealer
MAC - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder
W7 - Bronzing Pearls
Zoeva - 'Shy Beauty' Blush
Bourjois - Java Rice Powder Illuminating Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Catrice - 'All about Candies' EyeShadow Palette (Mint Colour)
Max Factor - Wild Shadow Pot 'Turquoise Fury' 
Bourjois - Ombre á Paupiere 08
Bourjois - Little Round Intense EyeShadow Pot ' 06
Max Factor - Wild Shadow Pot 'Ferocious Black'
Rimmel - 'Scandal Eyes' Kohl Pencil 'Black'
MAC - InExtreme Dimension Mascara
Vivo - EyeBrow Powder
Catrice - Brow Set

MAC - 'Subculture' Lip Pencil
Bourjois - Rouge Edition LipStick #3 


We really hope you guys love the collaboration!!!
We had a blast getting it together for ye all :)

Let me know what ye think.

Chat soon,


  1. I absolutely love Debbie Harry, definitely going to have to try this one out!


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