Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vichy DermaBlend; New Products, Packaging & Formulations!

Vichy have upgraded their DermaBlend Range due to "the success of the existing range" and have added new products to the line-up as well as reformulating a couple of the existing ones and repackaging the whole shebang! 
Most of the changes are good but not all of them...

Firstly what I was sent from the range was one of the new Full Body Foundations and one of the new Corrective Cream Foundation Compacts. 

New 'Full Body Foundation' & 'Corrective Compact Cream Foundation'

I'll start with the Body Foundation which is as it sounds, a foundation for the body. This is a full coverage foundation that comes in a generous 100ml tube. It promises 16 hours wear and is water, sweat and rub resistant meaning it won't wear or run away throughout the day! And I can certainly attest to that, after applying the swatches for the picture above, I went to wipe the foundation off my hand with a baby wipe and it just wouldn't move at first. I seriously have to rub at it like the dickens to remove. Good sign! Ye can also see from the picture that it's a thick cream consistency and very pigment heavy. This makes it perfect for covering tattoo's, scars, varicose veins & other skin issues. 
It's suitable for sensitive skin, contains a high SPF35 and is hydrating thanks to having glycerine in the formula. 
Sadly there are only 3 shades available as it's a brilliant corrective foundation.
The Full Body Foundation costs RRP €25.00 for 100ml. 

The Corrective Compact Cream Foundation is also new to the range, this is a medium to high coverage, long lasting creamy foundation. It comes in a 9.5g compact that boasts the new black, sleek looking packaging. It also promises to cover minor to more severe skin concerns and like the Body Foundation is also water/sweat proof. This one promises 12 hours hold and is supposed to suit all skin types. While I do think it lasts quite well on the skin, you will need to prepare dry and/or oily skin areas accordingly. I need to moisturise the dry areas very well and the oily prone areas need to be primed. You can see my before and after pictures in the video below!
I do really like this foundation which is surprising for me as I generally am not the biggest fan of heavier foundations, but as long as you really work and buff this into the skin, it will look beautifully flawless!
It contains an SPF of 30 and is available in 5 shades. 
It costs RRP €24.50 for 9.5g.

As far as I know the Corrective Fluid Foundation and the Setting Powder (both of which I have and love) remain the same as before but I'm not 100% certain, I will update if I discover this not to be the case. 
The only other new addition to the line-up is the New Corrective Stick.
This is the one change that I'm not happy about at all. This, as far as I know, has replaced the previous Camouflage Stick Foundation which I was a huge fan of... sadly I am very underwhelmed but the new offering. 
Firstly instead of the 12g I enjoyed in the older version, the new one contains only 4.5g's and looks tiny in comparison. Also it has dropped 2 shades, so now in place of the 7 shades that were, there are now only 5. So the 2 lightest shades, #11 Porcelain & #12 Opal are no more, and now in their place is the shade #15 Opal. The 'old' Opal was a perfect match for my NC15 skintone, but maddeningly now the Opal shade is a pink toned, very non-NC shade. 
See the chart below for the old-v-new shades.

Swatches of the 3 lightest shades of the new Corrective Stick. (
These were the only testers I could find in Boots!)

This little stick costs RRP €16.95, contains an SPF of 30 and shares most of the same characteristics as the other formulas. From what I could tell from swatching the sticks in store, they seem a tad drier than the older formula that I love, but this could be from the testers being left open on the shelf, I'm not sure.

So that's the new updated Dermablend range for ye. Watch the video below for more information on the 2 products I received and for a demo of the Compact Foundation.

So I'd love to hear from any of you guys who have tried the new formulation and new products. What do ye think???

Chat soon!!


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