Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Thank you Giveaway; 2 Million+ Youtube Views & 155,000+ Subscribers!

Hey Guys :)
As ye will probably have guessed from the title, I recently passed 2 milestones on my Youtube channel.
I passed the 150,000 subscriber mark a couple of weeks ago and surpassed 20 MILLION views at the weekend. INSANE!!!!

I know that this is all down to you guys who watch my babblings about makeup and all, so to say thank you, I wanted to hold this giveaway with prizes that I've been collecting for the past while for an occasion such as this :)

1. Leave a comment beneath this video on youtube telling me;
A. how you found my channel/videos &  B. What is your favourite video of mine?
2. Enter as often as you like BUT leave time plenty of time between comments as they will be spammed if there are more than one posted in a row and these will be deleted.
4. Open internationally.
5. Giveaway will run for 1 week and winners will be announced in next Wednesdays' video. (July 2nd)
6. There will be 3 winners, winners will be chosen at random.


1st Prize;

2nd Prize;

3rd Prize;

Thanks a million times over Everyone!!!
Ye's are the best <3


  1. This is very exciting! Congratulations! I've been subscribed to you since 2010 or so, and have loved your videos since. I hope that one day I will be able to reach the same milestones! =)

  2. Crystal Cain I found your channel on YouTube by chance. I came upon your tutorial where you made yourself into a caricature /cartoon. I was totally mesmerized by your ability. I could tell you were an artist because you made it look so effortless, and I knew it not be easy for me....... had to be on my favorites! I also love your accent....I'm from Texas and my southern drawl isn't as charming as yours. I subscribed and I am a fan who looks for your Vlogs daily to see what cool things you are up to. Siobhan, you have a fan in me!


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