Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HUGE NYX Cosmetics haul!! Reviews & First Impressions.

Hey Guys!!
If ye follow me on Twitter you will know that NYX Cosmetics recently (and finally) launched in Ireland which is very exciting news for us on the Island as there are still so many brilliant brands that we don't have access to here. I have posted the list of Irish stockists further on down this post if ye want to check where your nearest location is.

Anyhow, it just so happens that the Galway Pharmacy, Care Pharmacy in Salthill, is a 3 minute walk from my apartment which is a good and a bad thing in one. I definitely spent more that I wanted to on makeup this month already thanks to them but feck it, it's great stuff!!
Watch my video below to see what I bought and what I think of it all!
The Macaron lipsticks were bought from the website though as they haven't yet arrived here, if they will at all?


(All NYX)
‘Stay Matte But Not Flat’ Powder Mineral Foundation
‘Matte Finish’ Setting Spray
‘Taupe’ Blush
‘Wonder Pencil’ | Light WP01
‘Nectar’ Lip Pencil
‘Pinky’ Lip Pencil 
‘Dolly Pink’ Lip Pencil
‘Rose’ Lip Pencil
‘Pale Pink’ Lip Pencil
‘Pure Gold’ Jumbo Pencil
‘Baby Blue’ Jumbo Pencil
‘Black Bean’ Jumbo Pencil
Macaron LipStick #1 ‘Rose’
Macaron LipStick #2 ‘Orange Blossom’
Macaron LipStick #3 ‘Key Lime’
Macaron LipStick #4 ‘Blue Velvet’
Macaron LipStick #6 ‘Pistachio’
Macaron LipStick #7 ‘Citron’
Macaron LipStick #8 ‘Earl Grey’
Macaron LipStick #10 ‘Black Sesame’
Macaron LipStick #11 ‘Coconut’
Macaron LipStick #12 ‘Chambord’

Macaron Swatches!

And the only 2 non-NYX items...

Gosh ‘Prime & Refresh’ Illuminating Eye Roll-on Instant Tightening Primer
Catrice ‘Lashes to Kill’  False Lash Fibres Mascara

Irish NYX Stockists.....

What are your favourite NYX products??? Need to refill my wishlist :P

Chat soon!


  1. I will definitely try to find the taupe blush, it looks like a great product for fair skin! I have an Essence bronzer in the lightest shade but it's a bit yellowish, the nyx one looks great on you so I want to give it a try.

    Also, if you like fiber mascaras, I've got the Essence one. At first it left a bit of clumping but when it dried a little it got better and better :)


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