Friday, June 27, 2014

NYX Macaron LipSticks; Application, Swatches & Review!

Howdy Guys!
Finally got around to swatching these bad boys for ye.
Sad the Macaron range hasn't yet made it to the Irish shores so I am still without the purple shades #5 Violet and #9 Lavender but I'll get my grubby little mitts on them eventually! ha ha
I bought them directly from the NYX Cosmetics website  and used the coupon code WELCOME25 which gave me 25% off. This may only be for new customers though, not 100% sure about that. No harm in trying it out anyhow if any of you do decide to buy from the site.
I had to set up an account with but this was free and that is how you can buy from the website outside of the US but all that info is on the website anyhow.
Now back to the lipsticks, like I said, I have 10 out of the 12 below.

...and painstakingly swatched all of them for this video/post. My poor lips were red-raw after wiping off the lipsticks after each swatch by the end! Over all I think the macaron lippies are really fun and pretty good quality. My only issues were the slightly flimsy packaging and how slick the formula is. But watch the video to get a full run down of my thoughts on the lipsticks as well as application tips and tutorial.
They retail for $6 each (before using my coupon code) and the delivery to Ireland was about 20€ from

What do ye guys think?? Fun or just plain daft?
I personally think that they are great and are a happy addition to my makeup collection.
(Bye bye crayon lipsticks, ha ha)

Hope this helps!!

Chat soon,


  1. haii cool video! I must take a look at the lipsticks. :)
    A question : what have u on your eyes ? this makeup look fantasticoo!! <3 <3

    1. Thanks Tomi, it's the Coastal Scents 'Flesh Tone' Hot Pot with my Bobbi Brown Bronzer to contour the crease! x

    2. Hiya :)
      I tried to comment on your nyx haul post, but I'm not sure if if went through, so anyhoo. I was wondering how you found it ordering from the nyx website? I have a heap of things I'd like to try, including these and the butter lipsticks, and I'm not sure if they'll be on stands. I don't know whether to hunt for a stand in Dublin, or order online (I've heard most of the stands are blitzed o.O). I just need my fix.
      Any advice you could give would be lovely :) thank ya

    3. It's ok but for anything available here I'd wait! The shipping will be a good €20 through, which is how you can get it shipped from the website. Though for these I think you have to buy online. Just use the coupon code I shared above! x


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