Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Arabian Nights' Makeup Tutorial ft. Sleek Makeup

Hey Guys :)
Time for a new makeup tutorial, and it's another Arab inspired makeup look! I recently recreated a Rihanna look that was called 'Rihanna of Arabia' from a Harper's Bizaar Magazine Cover Shoot, and I also created a super dramatic Arab inspired look last month. It's easily one of my favourite makeup aesthetics to draw inspiration from!
Sleek Makeup just released today another limited i-Divine EyeShadow palette called 'Arabian Nights' which happens to co-inside with the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid Mubarak. Good timing Sleek!!

The palette is a stunning collection of dark & moody yet sexy jewel toned shades which beg to be applied to the face (all at once! ha ha)... who was I to refuse :P
Catch the full tutorial in the video below and scroll further on down the post to find out more about the palette and the other limited palette currently available, 'Rio Rio'.


Bourjois ‘Happy Light’ Luminous Serum Primer
Chanel ‘Matte Lumiere’ Foundation #5
Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ Concealer
MAC ’Studio CareBlend’ Powder / ‘Light’
Bourjois ‘Healthy Balance Unifying Powder’ #53 
Zoeva ‘Luxe Color Blush’ / ’Shy Beauty’

Catrice ‘UnderWater Laugh’ EyeShadow Pencil (Limited Edition)
Catrice ‘Mono EyeShadow’ 660 ‘Ice White Open’
Sleek Makeup ‘Arabian Nights’ i-Divine Palette
Sleek Makeup ‘Flick it’ Eyeliner Pen / Black
No.7 ‘Exceptional Definition’ Mascara
MAC ‘InExtreme Dimension Lash’ Mascara
MAC ‘Deep Dark Brunette’ EyeBrow Gel

Bourjois ‘Rouge Edition’ LipStick #2
Max Factor ‘Radiant Rose’ LipGloss

The shadows are swatched on dry skin with no primer/base to give ye a good idea of how the apply to the skin!
'Arabian Nights' i-Divine Palette Swatches
Scheherazade's Tale, Gold Souk, Aladdin's Lamp, Sultan's Garden, Hocus Pocus, Simbad's Seas,
Genie, Black Magic, Stallion, Sorcerer, Valley of Diamonds, 1001Nights.

And another palette that I mentioned in the video that is also available now is the bright and punchy 'Rio Rio' palette, inspired of course by the Brazilian Rio Carnival.
This is also on the website at the minute and available while stocks last!
Both are retailing for £9.99 from the UK based Sleek website or €9.99 from the Irish based website!!

'Rio Rio' i-Divine Palette Swatches

Tropics, Night Rever, Ipanema, Caipirinha, Urca, Leblon,
Cachaca, City of God, Copacabana, Sao Conrado, Bossa Nova, Leme.

What do you Guys think of the Sleek Makeup palettes??
The Arabian Nights one is definitely my favourite!

Chat soon & take care,



  1. Very beautifull look! How does your hait grow sooo fast?! I know you use the lee stafford mask for hair growth.. Do you have more tips? Btw.. Sounds a bit creepy but im watching you on youtube for about 6 years i think and im still very exited when youve uploaded a new video! (: Lots of love!

    1. Ha ha, thank! I don't find that creepy :) It's a good thing! My hair just hasn't really been cut! Except for a minimal trim a few months ago, and I really do think the L.S growth treatment helped, I haven't used it in a couple of months now and feel like my hair hasn't grown at all! Starting a new tub this week. x


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