Monday, August 25, 2014

Current Hair Care Routine!

C/o; Products sent as samples.
My hair care routine is usually pretty much the same all the time, I shampoo & condition every second day, use a treatment in between every second cleanse and then use my various leave-in treatments/styling products when needed. But the products I use do vary slightly from time to time. 
If you are interested in what I'm using at the moment, then you're about to find out!!
I am still using my Aussie shampoo and conditioner thanks to pr samples, and these are actually the exact same formula as the last ones I blogged about here, just with a different limited edition design on the bottles! The formula is super moisturising and perfect for my over-processed locks.

C/o; Products sent as samples.
Brand new to Aussie however is their ‘Miracle Dry Shampoo’, the brand’s first foray into the dry shampoo market. There are 3 available, Mega Instant, Aussome Volume and Colour Mate. These promise to do the usual ‘quick fix’ clean when you don’t have time for a proper water-wash, but each one also helps to reduce product build-up & residue on the hair and scalp as well as not depositing the tell-tale white powder that most dry shampoos usually leave behind. Of course being from Aussie, these small as delicious as anything I’ve come to expect from the brand!
The Mega Instant is your basic refreshing dry shampoo, nothing fancy, nothing exceptional, and this one I gave to my sister in the run-up to the Electric Picnic music festival this coming weekend as it came in the handy 65ml travel size, she’ll definitely be much more in need of it than I will :)
The Aussome Volume one is a thickening or volumising formula that does all the usual while plumping up your hair. I have used this one and it does indeed seem to add a tad more ‘bounce’ to the hair than your run-of-the-mill dry shampoo.
The Colour Mate is supposed to protect your hair colour through less washing… I haven’t tried this one but it would seem to me that all dry shampoos should do the same in theory!
Anyhoo, these are available for €5.85 for the bigger 180ml size or €2.59 for the smaller 65ml travel size.

The Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo, which is the one I am using the most at the minute, does indeed also clean greasy hair in between washes and I am glad to see it written in the instructions that it takes 10 minutes to see results… many other dry-shampoos often omit this nugget of information, but of course the formula has to actually absorb the excess oil in order to work, and this doesn’t happen straight away. I like to stray my roots and leave it sit and do it’s job for a few minutes before massaging it in with my finger tips. I personally find that all formulas leave a hint of white on my very dark hair, but the ones mentioned in this post are not too bad. Any ‘white’ disappears once massaged in! The Pantene one costs €5.85 for 180ml and also comes in a travel size, €2.59 for 65ml.

I bought another of the leave-in hair growth treatment sprays by Lee Stafford from boots, this costs a few €’s more than the cream treatment that I usually use, at around €16.00 but feels lovely on the hair. This encourages hair growth by conditioning the hair as well as the scalp. I do notice a bigger improvement immediately when using the wash-out cream treatment in the same range but I like to use the spray, focusing on the roots, on the days I haven’t used a treatment between my shampoo and conditioner. 

The V05 Miracle Mist is a God send since highlighting the ends of my hair, and I am on my second bottle in as many months! This is a very light-weight hair spritz that does contain oils but is absolutely light enough to be used on fine hair like my own. This takes away any frizziness and tames poofed out hair, and best of all it seems to put back my natural curly waves that sometimes disappear when it’s at it’s frizziest. 

The Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask is new to me, I picked it up when attempting for a third time in two weeks to repurchase a pot of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment which was still out of stock. I don’t like to go so long without some treatment so I decided to give this one a go!  The price of this one was what really attracted me to it at just €7.69, a good bit less expensive that most of the other treatments I had looked at. Again, there doesn’t seem to be anything exceptional about this formula, it “Penetrates deeply into damaged hair, repairs and replenishes lost moisture for enhanced softness”… or at least that’s what it claims to do! So far so good, I have used this a couple of times now and my hair is noticeably softer afterwards, though not without a little frizziness (which is when I turn to the V05 Miracle Mist).


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