Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New! Sleek Makeup 'Bare Skin' Foundation.

Sleek Makeup recently introduced us to their newest complexion base, 'Bare Skin' Foundation, which promises to provide "weightless coverage with a flawless 'no makeup' look and feel".
It's a light or sheer consistency formula that offers a natural skin-like finish.

I was sent 2 shades as samples but neither of these were light enough for my NC15 skin so sadly I haven't been able to try the foundation out yet. 
It's available in 12 shades (I think 'Shell' will be my closest match) that range from pretty fair up to a few lovely rich, warm dark brown shades; which is a great thing about the brand, unlike many other pharmacy or drugstore brands, they really cater for women (and men) of colour!
The 2 shades I was sent were 'White Rose', which according to the website looks to be the lightest shade, but is too pink and deep in colour for my own skin, more like an NW15 in MAC comparison; and 'Barley', the third lightest as far as I can tell from the website, which looks quite neutral (unlike any MAC colours) but definitely a couple of shades too dark for me.

Foundation swatches against my forearm.
Swatches rubbed in.
My Mom & Sister will be trying these out for me over to next couple of weeks so I will report back with their verdicts once they have a solid opinion on the foundation.

Going back to what Sleek Makeup claims, despite being light or sheer, it can be built up to a heavier coverage if required, that will "conceal blemishes and imperfections".
The first ingredient in the formula is Mineral Oil (though they have listed as paraffin oil, the same thing) which is highly moisturising and will often give a very 'dewy' finish to the skin. Despite the bad press mineral oil gets, it is not in fact comedogenic, meaning it does not block pores (causing breakouts) as it's particles are simply not small enough to enter the pores. Rather it will just sit on top of the skin's surface. It isn't ideal for oily skin types as it will do nothing towards mattifying excess shine, so best left for normal to drier skin types!

The foundation is presented in a nice looking angular glass bottle with a black lid and pump, which is always a plus for me when it comes to packaging. 
The 30ml bottles are retailing at €10.99 on the website but are not as yet available on Boots.ie. 

I'd love to know if any of you guys have tried this formula out yet and if so what do ye think???
I am a tad reluctant to purchase the foundation myself as I think the formula may be a tad too moisturising/emollient for my combination skin and oily T-zone. I will come back as promised and share my Mom & Sister's thoughts once they are formed!

Until then, take care!!



  1. Looking forward to hearing what your mom and sister think!
    Is it just me or does the packaging remind you of Chanel foundations? (perfection lumiere anyone?)

    1. No I agree with you! Definitely the look of the Chanel foundations there :)


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