Sunday, August 10, 2014

NEW! Vichy 'Aqualia Thermal' Serum & Light Cream.

Oh Vichy, you do know how to woo a girl!!
...and this time they have done it with the help of their 2 newest hydrating skin saviours from the 'Aqualia Thermal' range, the 'Dynamic Hydration Serum' and the 'Dynamic Hydration Light Cream'.
I already briefly showed and mentioned these in a recent 'Unboxing' video on Youtube but they definitely deserve their very own blog post. I had said in that video how I was going to wait to finish off another serum I had been using before breaking out the Vichy one, but that didn't exactly happen. I tried the Vichy one just to get a feel for it and was hooked! My skin felt soooo lovely and super hydrated and best of all it's extremely fluid and 'soaks' in to the skin in no time. So when my boyfriend's mother mentioned how she wasn't currently using any serums, I selflessly offered the other serum I was supposed to finish off. Problem solved!!

Both these products are here to help us tackle dehydration thanks to the new 'Dynamic hydration technology' which comprises of the usual Vichy Thermal Spa Water, an increased concentration of the uber hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, new ingredient; Carrageenans which are red algae derived sugars that smooth the top most levels of the skin and Aquabioryl which sounds very hydrating all together... this last ingredient comforts and soothes the skin.  This 'Dynamic Hydration' focuses heavily on the distribution of moisture throughout the face as well as water retention.

The serum comes in an attractive looking 30ml glass bottle with a pump and will set you back €24.00 or there abouts!
It claims to be 3x more concentrated in sugars than the creams from the same range and boosts the circulation of water to really plump out the skin, keeping it hydrated for up to 48hrs.
As I mentioned above, it's very fluid and totally absorbs into the skin but instantly takes away any thirst your skin might be suffering from. It has a slight fragrance to it but nothing at all overwhelming and is formulated for sensitive skin types.

The light cream comes in a 40ml soft plastic tube and is retailing for €15.50. There is also a fancier pot option available where you get 50ml of the same lotion in a glass jar for €23.00.
This has a gel/cream texture and is suggested for daily use offering 24hr hydration. My only gripe with this otherwise lovely moisturising cream is that there is no SPF within the formula meaning I would need to add another product to my skin to get essential sun protection. It being a gel consistancy, it gives a relatively shine free finish and is suitable for sensitive/normal to combination skin types.
For those of you with dry to very dry skin, there is also a richer version of the cream available called the Aqualia Thermal Rich which my mother is a huge fan of and is available in the same packaging and for the same price points as the light cream.

Available now from the usual stockists! 

That's it from me for now! 

Later :)


  1. I´ve been using Vichy Aqualia thermal products for many years, and I still love them. Well my skin loves them :D I also use night care by Vichy, it is perfect :)

    1. I'm very loyal to Vichy as a skincare brand now after years of using them too :) x


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