Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cat Eye Liner; Sophia Loren Inspired Tutorial.

Hey lovelies,
We are pretty much all eyeliner obsessed here I think it's safe to say, and thanks to icons like the beautiful Sofia Loren who turns 80 later this month on Sept 20 we have loads of inspiration to draw from when in a rut. That's what happened here, I was kind of bored with my usual liner look and when I came across a picture of Sofia I immediately wanted to recreate her iconic look and share it with you Guys :)
This is perfect for rounder eye shapes or for anyone who wants to enhance their already almond shaped eyes!



  1. Winged liner will always be my go-to eye look! Gorgeous x


  2. Hi Siobhan, thank you for doing alternative versions of eyeliner! Perhaps double-decker one, some time soon? :D

    Also, where did you get the earrings from? The style is in the manner of traditional Dalmatian silver filigree jewellery or at least it looks like it?

    1. Cheers Tamara, I actually picked them up in Croatia last year :) xx

  3. I envy how well you can draw a cat eye, girl, and I always will. Btw, your name, Siobhan, it's Irish, ain't it? It's very pretty :)


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