Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Olay Essentials 'Glow Perfectors'.

I can't say I get overly excited by limited edition packaging when it comes to my beauty products, I either like & use them, or I don't. Olay is a brand I've used quite frequently since my teens as my mom used it back in the day, (still does!) and I of course stole hers :)
The 3 stars of today's post by Olay have been repackaged for a limited edition release and the new look designed by Jewellery designer Daisy Knights... I'll admit, I've never heard of her before this.
Basically she was inspired by a trip to the Caribbean and used that inspiration to create the packaging. 

Anyhu, now on to the products themselves which do belong to the permanent range in their usual bottles and boxes. 

They all contain a SPF of 15 (this blocks 93% of UVB rays) which is the absolute minimum I would wear most days, not enough for my own skin on sunnier days. They all also contain Broad Spectrum protection which also protects against cancer-causing UVA rays.
The 'EveryDay SunShine' Moisturising Cream with a touch of sunless tanner is good for people who don't want to commit to the full on fake tan (this is the only type of tanner I've ever tried!) but not something I personally use. My Mam & older sister however are mad for these type of tanners! I've been told it is indeed nice and moisturising and the colour it gives the skin is very natural. 
It's a thick enough consistency that is white, rubs into the skin clear and of course gradually warms up to a tan colour. 
'EveryDay SunShine' Moisturising Cream with a touch of sunless tanner
The 'BB Cream Complete Care' with a touch of foundation contains what is described as "Olay's unique Vitamin Complex" and a mix of Max Factor foundation pigments to add colour. Again the formula is quite thick in texture as you would expect from a BB Cream, and gives decent coverage. It is moisturising but I always wear at least a light serum under BB Creams as I don't like to rely on makeup products for my skincare needs. The 'Light' colour is quite warm in tone and would definitely not be light enough for very pale people, this is a little to dark on my own skin. (This always makes my sister happy :P)
 'BB Cream Complete Care' with a touch of foundation

The 'Multi Radiance' Moisturising Cream with light reflecting particles again contains this Vitamin & Mineral Complex and offers intense hydration while giving the skin a glow. It's formulated for normal to dry skins, the added glow probably isn't something an oily skinned person would be looking for anyhow. This is what I've gotten the most use out of so far and it's just a nice basic enough moisturiser. I like this under a matte foundation but not with anything dewy on top as my T-Zone would not approve!

'Multi Radiance' Moisturising Cream with light reflecting particles

The Limited Edition design has been available since July but as I've mentioned above, you will be able to get them in their usual attire once those sell out. The Irish RRR is €12.89.

And sin é for now!


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