Saturday, September 20, 2014

Zombie Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2014

This is actually my first ever proper Zombie look, not sure why I never did one before, anyhow it's easy to achieve, perfect for Halloween and I would give about 2 hours to apply in total at most!! (Mostly because of waiting for the latex to dry)

You will need;
Glue Stick (Non-toxic & washable!)
Liquid Latex
Wedge sponges
A hair dryer
A cheap paint brush (This will be useless after the latex)
Cotton wool balls
Tissue (Single ply)
Various coloured cream makeup
Makeup brushes/paint brushes
Black and white kohl pencil
Black gel eyeliner
Gel Blood (Thicker formula)
or Congealed Blood
Hair Conditioner

PLEASE look online for your nearest suppliers and in Halloween stores etc. I am purposely not putting down the exact products I used as some of what I used are no longer available/are old. USE WHAT YOU HAVE!
Cheers Guys :)

Music is Royalty Free & Provided by Kevin McLeod via
Song; 'Harmful or Fatal' 
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0""

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